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6 Comments on "COMMENTS PAGE"

  1. Hello ! I was contact by one Mr Paul Lewis from Colorado dener USA . He works as a Navy officer in Iraq sometimes ago his troops recovered some boxes from the Talibans trying to escape through the borders and in that process it resulted to a hot exchange of gun fire between his troops and the talibans his troops were able to overcome them and brought the boxes to their office as a report.after checking he discovered they contain a lot of funds inside and troops they decided to share the funds among themselves with the concept of the US government. Now he want me to claim it From xxxx, I told how I can claim it I’m in Africa ? That when he send me his personal details

    cAMP : Paul Lewis
    Base : Iraq
    NATOID : CH 005585E
    I had feeling that he’s a scammer because of his way of talking promising me mariage and calling me sweet names
    After I checked on google that where I come a Ruth is page .

    • With a stupid story like that I am surprised you did not know at once. No Navy in Iraq fighting anyone, No Taliban in Iraq, Taliban are in Afghanistan. Soldiers stealing boxes of money. You only had a “feeling” it is a scam. How many red flags do you need? That completely ridiculous story should not have got beyond 2 seconds of your time and if it did not, you should be taking a good look at what you are doing online with strangers. You will be sending money next- Like some sort of gangsters moll helping to steal money from the people of Iraq. Clever !!

  2. I was contacted via TikTok by a user lucaswaddells. We moved to chat on hangouts. He told me he was 43, in the army stationed in Syria, lost his parents and brother, he wife cheated on him, and he has a 14 year old daughter. What tipped me off is he kept asking the same things and from day one wanted to meet in person. His image on TikTok is completely different from the ones he sent on hangouts, which were those of the Cory Bates profile on here. His email for hangouts is [email protected]. He almost had me fooled.

    • In other words, he conned you and got you off a site safety zone and isolated you on hangouts. Army is not in Syria. I don’t know why that is not a huge red flag, just as much as “peacekeeping” is a buzz word for scammer. It is just such a simple, obvious lie, and an action that is screaming SCAMMER.

  3. حامو صادقی | 19th November 2021 at 11:38 pm | Reply

    شخصی به من پیام داد در مورد ارثی بدون صاحب صحبت کرد خود را کارمند بانک استاندارد چاترد معرفی کرد به نام
    آنیتا جیمز و درخواست داد با هم صاحب شویم
    Translated for reader
    Someone texted me about an ownerless inheritance, introduced himself as an employee of Standard Charter Bank named Anita James, and asked us to own it together.

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