STOLEN PHOTO BLACKLIST 5: Jorge Bliz Greg /Jorge Greg


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Romance Scam

Jorge Greg

Jorge Greg Bliz

Galary Michael File


Phone number: 512-598-9463



Supervisor at PCL Construction
Studied at The University of Texas at Austin
From Copenhagen, Denmark


ADMIN : PCL operates in United States, Canada and Australia. The vehicle and the pictures seem to be stolen from someone who is English (nice cushion).
Key phone Number:  512-598-9463
SCAM REPORT:  Scammer. After one week asked for money and gift cards. Galary Michael File


SCAMMER TEXTS.  (Looks Nigerian to us.)

 I want you to no something

Don’t think am one of those man that come online to hurt woman feeling

Am a man of my world and whatever I tell you it’s from my heart


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