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Very typically the messages can be fairly simple phishing messages, or longer ones. We give you  two examples. The longer one is plainly  Nigerian.  The scammer is still using the same principle–TO GET YOU OFF SITE SAFETY AND ISOLATED.
  •   ok can you add me on my whatsapp….  +2348161789505  SCAM
  •  Hey great woman out here, I’m Richard scott by name single daddy with one son , I have been widow since when God has took away my late wife from me and am On here seeking for that one woman that will promise to always be there for me as I will promise to do the same for her… You can text me or add me so we can chat much better….. (253) 987-6719  SCAM
We have a list of phone numbers scammers use.  They are entered exactly as the scammers entered them in their messages.



  1. Hello,
    J’aimerais connaître l’adresse IP de cette adresse mail : solid base [email protected] et numéro de téléphone 1 3863016240. Il se fait passer pour le captain thomas lindegaard madsen sur Viadeo en utilisant le nom de Anton Malthe entre autres.

    1. It is not possible to get an IP number from Gmail. The IP is concealed and always shows Mountain View California where their redirect servers are located. The email given as “solid base [email protected]” is incorrect because it has gaps.
      The number 1 386 3016240 is located in USA
      Number billable as mobile number
      Country or destination United States
      City or exchange location Daytona Beach, FL
      Original network provider* 365 Wireless, Llc
      However that means nothing because scammers can easily get SIM cards by scamming them from their victims.

      I’d like to know the IP address of this email address: solid base [email protected] and phone number 1 3863016240. He pretends to be Captain Thomas Lindegaard Madsen on Viadeo using the name of Anton Malthe among others.
      Thank you

  2. Can you please run this phone #610-885-0832
    For me please..
    E-mail address [email protected]
    Claims to be a surgeon with UN in Syria and can’t get access to his American Bank Account well needless to say i’m In this for big time money.
    Please let me know what you find out…

    1. He is a scammer and wants your money. Of course if he was real he can access hus bank. Like all scammers he writes rubbish. If as you say YOU are in it for money YOU are a sucker.

  3. Got a couple of scammers for ya both are sweepstakes/lottery scam.
    1.876-584-9152 Address: 526 Marquette Dr Security-_Widefield Dr. Co 80911
    2. 876-593-8878 Adress 12712 Cozy Cove ave El Paso TX 79938

  4. Ilona B. sagt Mit mir hat auch ein Richardson Cater seit Oktober auf SYPE ,er ist ein Betrüger und Scammer also Vosicht

  5. Ich fiel auf einen Namen Richardson Cater herein er wollte Geld für ein Paket und nun möchte ich wissen ist das Bild fefekt und ist er ein Betrüger

  6. Bank of America Brian T. Moynihan a 65 million dollar inheirtance from a Roger David Peterson is this a scam ?Domestic wire transfers for various certificates next a 1200 dollar FBI THE US TREASURY AND FEDERAL RESERVE BANK

  7. I have been talking to a gentleman on a game Words2, I have not been asked to send any money but I did a Reverse Image Search of his profile photo and came up with a completely different name. And it said “Congratulations you have busted romance scammer 22. I read further and it said that these were stolen photos from another site. My question is: the photo displayed…is that of the scammer or is it the stolen image

  8. I have numbers +1(518)509-3423 not working anymore / New York / Ethan McCord
    His email [email protected] / I tracked ip to Amsterdam

    Then Ajayi Wisdom +234 813 137 6862 Nigeria, Ekpoma / Gt Bank 0150530964
    In that bank Ethan has asked me to send money

  9. Io ho questo numeri di telofono +234 701 713 8796 +234 708 243 1937 entrambi della Nigeria io credo di che fare con dei truffatori ho anche delle email dicono di essere militari americani

  10. Olá pessoal
    O scammer CRAIG CHADWICK tem mais um perfil!
    Ele se chama agora Leonel Oscar e está no IG,
    E é tenente-coronel e está em Damasco.
    Esse é o telefone dele +15186656845.
    Por favor verifiquem.
    GOSTARIA DE SABER quem é o homem da foto ? Tenho outras que posso enviar !

  11. Hallo
    Ich möchte gerne wissen, ob ein Mann mit Namen
    Michael Joergensen +49 152 14615149
    als Rom scammef bekannt ist. Ich habe auch noch Fotos, die er mir per WhatsApp geschickt hat.
    Besten Dank für Ihre Rückmeldung
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Béatrice Eggenschwiler

  12. Please keep me posted about scammer phone numbers , I think I may have a phone number that is a scammer, he claims to be a soldier.thanks

  13. A guy going by the name of Nicholas Francis from Lancaster, CA. He contacted me through Instagram with the screen name of nick_r71. He is using the same pics that you have listed of a romance scammer Robert Charles. This is as of today 7/30/19. The number he gave to contact him is 213-587-8136. I have pictures he sent that are used from Billy Joe Saunders too.

  14. Hello, I had deal with a certain Eric Gagon on the site polyglotclub. fr and he just contacted me again here are the phone numbers in my possession: 1(901)864 4570 he says he is in Canada I think this number is a fake

    1. The number is a mobile one supposedly from Memphis USA Number billable as below.It could be used anywhere however
      mobile number
      Country or destination United States
      City or exchange location Memphis, TN
      Original network provider* New Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc – Ga

  15. Have a phone number and an email address for a woman supposed woman who is trying to run a romance scam on me. Area code is 551-257-6905.

  16. I have a number from London. +442033898568
    The guy claimed to work for Unity Xpress to deliver a package. I believe he is a romance scammer.

  17. I have a phone number of 1 (424) 261-9723. It’s a US phone number, but I think this guy is in some other country. Says he is in London or Manchester, England. I think it’s a bogus number. When I call it, there is still a voicemail message from him though. He has an email address of [email protected], a LinkedIn account going by the name of Ethan Cicero and a Skype name that says live:cirethan. Where do I go go post pictures of this scammer??

  18. Telephone call from 02961 687090 telling me my internet will terminate today because it’s been compromised in California…. press button 1 to stop it happening. I’m with BT !!

    1. Sometimes they are laughable. The number is untraceable and may be a VOIP/internet number. Either way it could have cost you money in some premiun rate scam.

  19. I wanted to reported this number is 1-780-666-3364. This guy is annoying me and text me 50 times, I don’t want him to keep texting me within 24/7hours. We need to scammer his number immediately

      1. someone who goes by the name of ron richards,im trying to find out if hes a scammer,im pretty certain he is,he contacted my mother,i got his number just havent got the area code 639 5013,if any chace could you try to find something out.

      2. I am sorry but with no area code it is impossible. Ron Richards is a common name so I also have no information. If it is just a starnger who arrived it means scammer and so as is usual, send no money whatever the excuse and accept no deliveries or promises for anything

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