Romance Scam/Loan Scam: LOUIS DERRICK / SCOTT LARRY (Ghana)

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Romance Scam
Loan Scam
Money Laundering

Louis Derrick
Scott Larry


[email protected]

Phone number: (+1) 3253055044


WU Money transfer to:

Receiver: Mary Kai Djanie (the money launderer)
Address: Accra, Ghana

Louis Derrick



                    Photo of Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto (neurosurgeon from Sao Paulo, Brazil) INBOX: 

Louis Derrick:

I’m not fine
My son is not fine meaning I’m not fine too
He don’t have foodstuffs which will cost him 300 pounds and his cardigan has spoiled and he will still buy some books for this term as well if included will be 200 pounds
I’m so confused I think he would be worried now so so much I have been facing this for awhile now
I really don’t know if you can help out of this OK I promise to pay back as soon okay
I’m really tired of this my goods and container was seized in Ghana because I was shipping those goods to Turkey and there it will be moved to Spain but now it seized
I’m so tired please try your best for my son
My son only have $200 which he will use to buy him needs buying some different items needed
please you need to help my son
He needs your help right now
Can you help him with some money please so he can make sure everything is intact please
Okay beautiful one I’m confused right now I have nothing to do than to ask for help from you okay
I promise you that I will pay back OK
It’s just 500 pounds okay I will pay back I promise ok
You will wait do I ask my son first for the details ok
(Mary Kai Djanie) address Accra Ghana
Receivers name: Mary Kai Djanie
Country:Accra Ghana
Have you successfully received it beautiful lady I’m so confused right now please send it through Western Union transfer

He said is his teacher address

send me an Email address and phone number

Louis Derrick:
No need for that ok
It’s not necessary should I give you my WhatsApp number
Okay that’s not a problem
I will give you the email now my business email
[email protected]

use IPhone XS Max
So I just need an iTunes card so I can recharge my cell phone ok
Yes please try for me I just need it so I can message for my goods
Thanks for your help I appreciate
Please scratch the iTunes card and snap and send it to me
I don’t have cell number the one I have is not working because I have moved from USA
But I used it before to create my WhatsApp
Please try to message me with my WhatsApp number
Are you upset with me please take it easy with me okay
I just don’t want to loose my goods OK hope you understand
I just want to update him okay
Please help me buy it in a near by store please
I want us to resolve this issue baby ok
I want you to please buy me the iTunes card this evening so I can message the management in control ok
Please baby

then why do you say you have no phone?

Louis Derrick:
My friend phone is till mine you know
Mr Scott Larry
His my bestie
Well I want us to secure our relationship ok
Not until we leave here are you OK now hope you understand
That’s absolutely what I mean now the cell phone does not have number
Please rush to the store now so I can email the Ghana Shipping Management they are requesting for 10,000 pounds to to release my goods and containers but I only have,$5000 now still looking for a way to release the goods so I sell them off
So I just want you to help me with this first so I find a way out to release my goods


Fake scammer Profiles associated with this scammer:

Saminu Auwalu Burra Asensio


Photo of Kris Peeters (is a Belgian politician and member of the Christian Democratic and Flemish party)


Fake scammer Profiles with pictures of Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto:

1. Kristofer




9 posts
682 following


2. John Harry



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John Harry


3. Andrew Scott Young



4 posts
421 following
Andrew Scott Young:
God is the source of my strength
Be happy and do good to all men
I am family oriented.



Stephen Fraser



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Charlotte Park, United States
Looks for:
47 – 61 years
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46, Man, Single
Shiqi, China
Looks for:
39 – 53 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship






51, Man, Single
Calexico, United
Looks for:
43 – 57 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship

1. Barry Francis



Wiesbaden, Germany / Somaila
Joined September 2018
Born November 06


2. Johanalson (Moris James)



single dad.
New York, NY
Joined July 2018


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