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Romance Scam
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Creg Smith Heston
Roland Simth


[email protected]

Phone number: 1-775-600-7166

WU Money transfer to:

Receiver: Chaka Khan Tucker
Address: Atlanta, GA, USA
Amount: 1200 GBP

Creg Smith Heston

Photo of Joe Cross (is an Australian entrepreneur, author, filmmaker, and wellness advocate)



I am an honest and caring and lovely man with the fear of God I have a good heart to help I hate lie
Lives in Greenland, New Hampshire
From New Germany, Kwazulu-Natal INBOX:


[email protected]
Honey that is my gmail send me yours
and your phone number
The phone number I remember now is the one I am using on what app
Honey if you don’t like to chat on hangout download an what app and create what app so that we can chat and do video call anytime
I have already send you the airport manager received name and address
I hope you still have it with you there ?
Wait let me send you the received name and address
Recevers name Chaka Khan Tucker.
Address Atlanta ga. USA
Honey that is the received name and address make the payment though western Union ok
I did yesterday the airport manager told is 1200 pounds
I hope you will make the payment tomorrow ?
The name and address is correct
Chaka Khan
Honey the airport manager received name is Chaka Khan Tucker
Address Atlanta ga.USA
Honey what time will you go and make the payment tomorrow?
Honey after sending the money with the name and address though western Union send me the mtcn number and the sender silp I will forward it to the airport manager to pick up the money and process my plane trinket and pass sport
Honey I hope you understand
Honey you can only call me on what app you can’t call me on phone call because I don’t have good connection here
Honey do me a favour installed your what’s app and add me let us chat and talk voice call on what app before I will arrived by on Tuesday
OK baby
1-775-600-7166 add me on what app and call me


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ตัวเล็ก คนเดียว



yo-yo ka lek lek
Medical Supervisor at Boat Doctor Marine


Google Hangout ([email protected]):


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 Roland Simth




Studied at National University of Athens, Greece
Studied at Athens University of Economics and Business


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Heinz Coleman



Heinz Coleman

I’m a surgeon a single dad i love my daughter so much, a family oriented person. love children i love nature and stay happy at all time.🙂

Joined September 2017


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Heinz Coleman

iam_heinzcoleman [Heinz Coleman]



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