Scampolice Group are committed to protecting your privacy.  Please note we are a UK  non profit site and the government has stated we have no need to publish a cookies notice.  But just for your information and reassurance by submitting your contact details to us, we may contact you if we feel that we can offer personal advice that prevents you from being scammed, or if you request us to. We don’t send spam and will remove you from any mailing list we have if you ask us. We never share personal details with third parties, and if we receive scam information from you (and we hope we do ) we will do our best to remove all information that could identify you if we publish it. This includes on photos or on scans of fake documents etc.

We have a few cookies for links to Google Analytics, this may be used to track your behaviour on other websites and we have no control over this. You can find out more about Google ads and policies by clicking this link.
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Use of media

We consider  that people who have their pictures stolen are also victims.  We do not own the copyright of their pictures and we publish them for information and under “Fair Use Doctrine”.  It is criminals who steal copyrights and we seek to prevent them.  Thank you for your support and understanding in our efforts to make the Internet a safer place.  For more information please refer to the guidelines which Scampolice Group adheres to,


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