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fraud aid
We must include the great  site that helps you.

“These tools are courtesy of and you are welcome to use them. Find the toolset here. Your visitors are also welcome to use our scam email parser to discover the origination of the emails and often locate known scammers. First obtain the full email header (instructions are on the page) and paste that header and the email text into the tool.”
Next Web Security Scam Email Parser

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dshad. or Dshad  Courier Service does not exist as a website.   You have to do a Whois search .  The first thing to note is the  hoster for the suspended domain is based in West Africa.  It operates across Africa.

The registrant gives an address at 10 Northumberland Avenue.  It is false and doesn’t exist.  10a is a Hotel. Did inspiration tell you who is at Number 9?  It is the Nigerian High Commission.  The conclusion is that the scammer knows this well and so he must be a Nigerian and might work or live in the UK.  We wonder if he works at  Number 9.

Att 6

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