We do like a few sites and we regard them as our friends. We assure you these  are the good guys in the  fight against fraud.  Along with us of course.

fraud aid
We must include the great  site that helps you.
From the  site owners-

“These tools are courtesy of and you are welcome to use them. Find the toolset here. Your visitors are also welcome to use our scam email parser to discover the origination of the emails and often locate known scammers. First obtain the full email header (instructions are on the page) and paste that header and the email text into the tool.”
Next Web Security Scam Email Parser

Make sure you are secured. Click link below.
SECURITY STARTS HERE/Password checker  Interesting fraud blog and forum.
We have a strong Pro Vaccination stance.  The anti-vaxx cult tries to sell junk medicines to vulnerable people and creates loud and offensive groups on social media. Threats, fake references and comments are the order of the day,  directed at doctors and small companies who promote vaccination or offend  them in some way.  Do not buy into those lists of vitamins and junk medicines, oils, black salve, herbal extracts and so from anti-vaxxers.  Anti-vaxxers have an agenda which includes selling useless medications using Ponzi Schemes (aka Mult Level Marketing) and most will not declare their self interests.  Hideous life changing diseases are safely prevented by vaccination so don’t listen to anything else and be guided by medical doctors and scientists, and not chiropractors, herbalists, vitamin salesmen, and others.  Look carefully at the qualifications of those who you consult (an ND is not a medical doctor for example).  Anti-vaxxers have an agenda WHICH IS TO SCAM YOU. We will not promote them and so here are some reliable links that will give you information, they are your friends and protect you and your children.
For accurate information on vaccines.
And this is what antvaxxers are like.  Utterly nasty and dangerous  to you and your children.  You can help fight back against pseudoscience.
Help protect the professionals giving sound advice on the benefits of vaccination.
Information and blogs.
Remember that outbreaks of measles in Samoa and DR Congo killed and are killing thousands of children and the antivaxxers gathered like a storm to create more customers and kill more children. 
Vaccines save lives.

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We just love the pictures. Chill and enjoy.

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