SPBIG  In some ways we are success story.  We know it’s sad that we should have so much stuff to post, but criminals never rest.  All over the world they are busy trying to steal your dosh.  They never say they are sitting in a cafe in Nigeria, Ghana, or Turkey.  NO he is not a US General risking his life in Iraq, going on patrols, and who wants to send you gold bars he miraculously found in an Al Qaeda house.  So we aim to expose them all, and have been for 3 years now.
So what went wrong with what we are doing?
Well, Google went wrong.  After 100 blogs they told us we had filled our allocation up. We had to mess about making a fresh profile on our account to start a second series. That’s not so bad you may think but we have run into problems. Google started losing some of our blogs and worse still, losing pictures we posted that the scammers are using.  We can only think that they do not like us using pictures such as those of General David Petraeus, in spite of them being all over the internet.  All we wish to do is stop women believing David is going to send them those Gold Bars we mentioned above.
Now we at SPG feel it matters, and we need to fix the problem by not being beholden to Google.  Look at our audience figures. We are targeting nobody, only those who see something wrong with their online romance, and search for a photo or e-mail address (we prefer to call them e-maul addresses).  We had in our first series of blogs, 21 followers and 1,967,836 views over 3 years.  Our second series has only been running a year and we had 58 followers and 1,000,759 views.  Let’s say 79 followers and 2,968,595 viewers.  This goes up so fast, at 10,000 views on a daily basis, we are finding it hard to stay with the figures.

At September 10th 2016 we were on 185 followers and 4,899,254 views. And  101 followers and 3,104,560 views.
We reduced that to a unit of measurement called a “Wembley Stadium”, capacity of 90,000 people.
We filled Wembley Stadium 89 times.  That’s why we are here.

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