Scampolice Group warns you:

If you see texts we publish on the site, or parts of them in messages, then you are dealing with a scammer, probably from West Africa or Malaysia, but may be from other countries as well. Scammers use cut and pasted text because they are usually almost illiterate, uneducated, and have little English, or because it is easier to do it when dealing with hundreds of potential victims a day. Note: scammers hardly ever address you by name and this is because it makes it unnecessary to edit messages with names in them. They will call you “Honey”, “Baby”, “my Queen”, “Angel”, etc.
Never tell a scammer how you caught him (!) Never tell him about his message text and never correct his mistakes. We like our scammers to continue to be uneducated and stupid. Remember when a message suggests you send money, you are talking to a scammer and whatever the excuse he gives you, send nothing and leave without a word.
*Even if you think you are dealing with a woman be assured it is a boy in an internet cafe.  
Be careful with the people, who suddenly contact you on SKYPE, KIK, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and other messenger apps. There are NO SOLDIERS, GENERALS, SERGEANTS or OFFICERS, DOCTORS,  SURGEONS,  using messengers who will offer you romance, especially if they claim to be in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria,West Africa, Pakistan  etc.  This information also applies to Social Media profiles and Dating sites.
If people you do not know suddenly arrive on WhatsApp or Hangouts, and Instagram and Kik you can be absolutely sure they are scammers.
The FBI, Interpol,  Banks, and United Nations do not have funds to send you, and neither are the heads of these organisations writing to tell you they  do. If you ever see countries in Africa, or Malaysia,  and Turkey mentioned, then  you need to depart rapidly.
DIPLOMATS only work for Governments.  They do not act as private couriers for anyone,including YOUIf you  see Diplomats mentioned at all it is a scam. Those parcel deliveries and  flashy courier forms are  fake too.
BARRISTERS work in Courts and are never writing to you about Inheritances and all that sort of stuff , and if you see  large amounts of money mentioned at any time then be 100% sure it’s a scam. 
Here are some links to search 
Just because the name is correct don’t assume the person is real.
Take notice: 
Leave requests are fake.
ID Cards and forms  supposedly sent  by military personnel, either online or by email, are FAKE.  It is against military law for a person to make a  copy of their official identity documents.  They would be court martialed.
US military OLD email format is …..
Anything else is a scam.
Government Departments DO NOT USE WESTERN UNION/MoneyGram, or similar transfers.
A little bit more
Scammers will often use an interactive video based on webcam chats with previous victims or stolen off porn model websites etc. This video will be able to show the scammer doing obvious actions if they are asked. Most often the scammer will know the video well and so at the right moment be able to tell victim something such as “Hang on the phone rang” and he will then be seen leaving to answer the phone. Often the videos are fairly repetitive and loop back, and of course the scammer won’t be able to show himself doing things a victim might ask him to do (wave his hand, give a wink etc…) They also have another way by claiming the microphone doesn’t work which means you can only type and watch, and should they think you ask too much they will switch it off after a few seconds.
Beware of so called webcam that does not look like the person they claim to be and be aware that seeing somthing over a supposed webcam is not proof any more than stolen pictures are. 
Scammers will also find a  potential victim on a site and try to get  them isolated,  “Now I have found you please remove your profile”.   If the victim complies they are now off site security and while the scammer may claim to have removed himself too,  all they will do is block the victim, and  use a different profile to carry on scamming others or similar.
In African and some other countries you can get money transferred with having only the MTCN number. Name and address doesn’t matter, for example: if the money was sent to “Mr. Bryan Daniel” to UK, the money can be given to any person in Nigeria/Ghana/ Senegal who has the MTCN for the transfer …
Another variant: the money launderer lives in a foreign country, banks the money, extracts a percentage and sends the balance on to the scammer.
If you wish to contact Scampolice Group please use the secure contact page
fake formA 4
Please also bear in mind information from United Nations.

This also applies to so called  UN marriage forms and bogus lawyers supposedly using free emailers such as gmail.  The UN does not do weddings  or involve themselves in personal matters, and charge money for it.  Even such a matter being mentioned is a 100% scam, (and neither does the Military.) Also The United Nations DO NOT have a Vacation Department and charge fees for insurance and flights  etc. If you see this you can also be sure it is a scam.  Bear in mind that any email they use would be something like “[email protected]” and they DO NOT use free emailers like “@gmail” or  “”.
A 4
We also see many reports of scammers claiming to be Orthopaedic Surgeons in Yemen. There are none. There is one UN clinic in Yemen. See the screenshot below for the details. Any thing else or any other person is FAKE.

For Russian visitors:

(one of the most scammed groups in the world)

 Милые ДАМЫ!
ЗАПОМНИТЕ: на социальных и сайтах знакомств НЕТ И НЕ МОЖЕТ БЫТЬ (!) генералов, полковников, сержантов … и т.д. из США, Канады, Германии и других европейских стран, ищющих контакатов с женщинами!
Если вы видите профайл военного в форме из какого-либо иностранного государства, ищущего контакта с вами – это 100% СКАММЕР (мошенник)!
В СКАЙПЕ, Google Hangout, WhatsApp, Viber, KIK и других видов мессенджеров также нет военных иностранных государств, уверяющих, что базируются в Сирии. Афганистане, Ливии etc и ищущих контактов с женщинами… Наивно думать, что офицеры имеют время и техническую возможность охотиться на женщин в Интернете, зависая в том же Скайпе целый день.
– иностранным «ИНЖЕНЕРАМ», работающим по контракту на нефтяных платформах или в странах Африки, а также в Малайзии;
– иностранным «МОРЯКАМ», находящимся на судне в море;
– иностранным «ДОКТОРАМ», работающим по контракту в Сирии, Ливии. Афганистане…
Скаммеры начинают говорит о любви к вам почти мгновенно в первом же чате. Обещают к вам приехать и жениться на вас. Просят вас удалить ваши профайлы с сайтов знакомств, поскольку якобы боятся потерять вас (“не хочу, чтобы какой-нибудь другой мужчина украл тебя у меня”). 
Схемы мошенничества используются разные, но надо запомнить:
– WESTERN UNION / MONEY GRAM / RIA банковские переводы людям из Интернета это всегда SCAM (МОШЕННИЧЕСТВО!)
Вы не заметите, как вас обманут и вы потеряете свои деньги!
НЕ ДЕЛИТЕСЬ С ЛЮДЬМИ ИЗ ИНТЕРНЕТА ЧАСТНОЙ ИНФОРМАЦИЕЙ (номер телефона, адрес, не высылайте копии ваших документов)
– НЕ открывайте свою вэбкамеру для людей, которые отказываются под каким-либо предлогом открыть для вас свою.
Имейте в виду, что скаммеры часто используют ИНТЕРАКТИВНОЕ ВИДЕО для демонстрации потенциальной жертве, с целью убедить её, что она действительно видит своего собеседника (скаммера) в видео чате. На самом деле, скаммер демонстрирует вам короткую ЗАПИСЬ с видеокамеры другого человека. Обычно это очень короткое видео (1-2 мин), с повторяющимися движениями человека на записи. Если вы его попросите, к примеру, улыбнуться или помахать рукой – он не сможет этого сделать, так как вам демонстрируется именно ЗАПИСЬ. Но обычно скаммеры заранее предупреждают перед демонстрацией такого видео, что не могут по каким-либо причинам использовать голосовой чат в данный момент. Это делается с целью предотвратить ваши просьбы помахать вам рукой, подмигнуть etc..
– НЕ поддавайтесь на попытки кого бы то ни было склонить вас к виртуальной интимной близости во время видео чата. Не высылайте свои интимные фото людям из Интернета. Вы можете попасться в сети ШАНТАЖИСТА!
– НЕ говорите скаммеру, что вы догадались, что он мошенник. Заблокируйте его  и не вступайте с ним далее в контакт.


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  1. Me contactó desde el miércoles un tal dr: Glen William pediatra cirujano que está en una misión por Iraq, me mandó su número de teléfono es este (+1-610) 885-0832, es viudo y anda buscando la mujer de sus sueños.Le dije que era policía y se asombró, Claro (no soy policía), mandó fotos de su consultorio y todo, pero terminé bloqueandolo,me sonó a estafa,me contactó por instagram y después por WhatsApp,se quedó con las ganas.

  2. I’ll use the name Debbie just in case my scammer might read this. I’ve been corresponding with a man since Christmas who said he found me on facebook. Never having corresponded with someone I didn’t know I was intrigued enough to reply. Then began a long list of messages….he wrote many of the same things I’ve read on this site — he’s a doctor in Yemen working under contract with the United Nations….a widower who was adopted in infancy by parents who were killed in an auto accident….wants desperately to leave & return to the US because of terrible conditions and dangers in Yemen. Has no money as it’s in a bank out of the country & he can’t get to it. Asked me to help by sending money to a bank account to get him out of there. At first asked for Amazon or game cards. Unfortunately I believed all of it and sent money. Then there were other requests for more money, all of which seemed legitimate. Like others have written, he has fallen deeply in love with me, wants to marry when he arrives in the states, live happily ever after traveling and doing good for others. Wants to build a clinic when he retires, have the family he’s never had, etc., etc., etc. I ran across your wonderful site while looking for some answers to all of this. He also has a dark side that troubles me — got very angry a few times when I refused any more money. Said he would contact authorities & report me as the terrible person I am, also said he would kill himself if he couldn’t get out of the country, and he would write authorities and leave note that I was the cause of his suicide and that God would not forgive me. I could send you his name and much more information and will do so if you need it. Believe it or not, I’m still doubting that he is scamming me, even though everything points to a scamming situation. It’s hard for me to accept the fact that I’ve been duped and that there are people out there who are so cruel.
    Right now he’s wanting me to send more money, a very large amount, even if I have to get a loan to do it. So….I’d like to hear from you to verify my suspicions and to help further your work to stop these people from taking advantage of others. Please don’t print my name, email, etc.

  3. This guy is a scammer. I have found other profiles using these pictures with different names. The real man who is in the pictures is Ryan Blakeley. He is on instagram and innocent. This man using these pictures is a romance scammer. I have contacted Instagram and reported this profile multiple times with no help. He took thousands of dollars from my spouse using a sob story about how he was deployed and trying to get home. I’m pretty sure he is out of nigeria.

    thanks for all you do. (Fake account)

  4. I’ve got similar story to some of these. Guy messaged me on fb msngr we talked for a while he told me he was under contract with UN working in Afghanistan and worked in medical support as superviso. Said he was in hospital in Afghanistan after a bomb blast. He’s pretty intelligent and well spoken in written words and verbal words so I didn’t think scam but some things just don’t seem right. Says he has a daughter 11 he has no siblings his ewife died and his parents are both deceased from car crash when he was 22. first said his daughter was in boarding school and later said she stays with her teacher. He states he’s 55and lives in los Angela’s California but originally from Netherlands, says he joined the UN In Islam, course he has sweet poems and songs he sends me, says I’m a source of hope for the hopeless because he was ready to commit suicide before he met me because he had nothing to live for, we have been talking daily for 8 months he States he is in military hospital in Kuwait now was recently moved there from Afghanistan he has asked me to come to Kuwait to be with him because he’s lonely and has been overseas 2 years. He put me as beneficiary on his hazard pay but I’m getting correspondence supposedly from UN stating I have to pay 5500 to have documentation changed because it’s now being done after a deadline. I’ve sent money to someone in the UK named Evita gailume, by western union, when I was supposed to send to that person again they were no longer able to receive funds threw western union so I sent to a Augusta Chapim Bastos, in the U.K. I told him I was no longer comfortable sending money overseas because anyone could pick the money up so than I was supposed to send some via money gram to Steven Patrick in Texas which was denied by money gram stating he had received to much, I tried sending 1000 and I guess it’s 900 limit so I’m not sure if that was issue, And than i sent to a Wells Fargo acct in California, Erika hentz I’ve been making little payments as I don’t have 5500. I feel foolish because I’m really seeing the scam in it now. I was really hoping it wasn’t because he really has charmed me. Please help any advice. If this is scam I’d like him caught I’ve got IP address info on him. Most show in CA but a few show other places. I know he’s VPN His IP

  5. Hello there,
    I would like to ask a question how can I join this app as I deal with few people who are pretending to be someone else almost every day on Instagram!
    I do my Own investigation Iike a detective and of course they are scammers so I report to Instagram but don’t think they do enough to prevent people get hurt and been scam .
    Please let me know if I can help to get this horrible ppl out of action!

  6. There is a man talking to me that I met on plenty of fish and now we’re talking on WhatsApp he’s claiming to be captain Scalia of the seaside MSC

  7. This David Mills Rolands started chatting me up on LinkedIn. Then on WhatsApp. The pictures are on multiple profiles on multiple sites and with various names

    His linked in profile is below

  8. I have already sent $ 10,000 in money.
    I do not want this site to be seen by scammer, so please email me directly. I’m so scared

    1. We have censored you from this comment so that is sorted for you. We have also emailed you. Don’t be scared, scammers won’t do anything and they are stuck on scamming and easy crime.They are just a lazy lot, all wind and piss. We get threats all the time and just laugh at them.

  9. From: Thomas Martinez
    Sent: December 29, 2019 10:09 AM
    To: Marcel Labrie REMOVED”nofollow
    Subject: Re: Donation of Mrs. Mavis Wanczyk

    Attn: Marcel Labrie

    I confirmed the receipt of your e-mail today in my office regarding your winning payment that has been sent to you. Yes, it is true that you were sent a payment of $2. Million dollars according to an instruction from the Mrs. Mavis Wanczyk USA which indicates that payment of $2. Million Dollars should be given to you in complete which she donate to you as a free will donation.

    We have concluded delivery arrangement with COURIER SERVICE, to be fully insured by Nice Insurance Corporation. In view of this development, you are requested to immediately offset the Courier and Insurance charges of $100 USD through the Company given payment instruction as follows to enable the receiving company insure and deliver the cashier check to your address which you have provide for the delivering of your cashier Check of $2 Million Dollars to you here in the state.

    TAKE NOTE. Be aware that you are the only person left to receive your Cashier Check out of the 5 verify winnings, I will advise you to go ahead and make the payment of $100, so for the courier company to proceed with the delivering of your check to you.

    To this Company and we can assure you that we are experts and will commence the delivery of your package to your doorstep as soon as you comply with our mode of delivery system, Your package is properly sealed registered and will be deliver to you within 24 hours as the depositor registered the package.

    You need to get back to me so that i will give you the information to send the money.

    We are waiting to hear from you.
    Mr. Thomas Martinez

    On Sat, Dec 28, 2019 at 6:56 PM Marcel Labrie REMOVED wrote:

    I’m Mrs. Mavis Wanczyk, the mega winner of $758 Million in Mega Millions Jackpot, I’m donating to 5 random individuals if you get this email then your email was selected after a spin ball. I have spread most of my wealth over a number of charities and organizations. I have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of $2 Million USD to you as one of the selected 5, to verify my winnings please see my you tube page below.



    Hope to make you and your family happy.

    Kindly contact Mr. Thomas Martinez, via his Email
    ([email protected]) on how you want to receive your fund, and also send to him your informations.

    YOUR FULL NAMES ………………..
    YOUR ADDRESS: …………………..
    AGE …………………………….
    SEX: ……………………………

    All this seems so much incredible, if this is a scam attempt I ll prepare for this but I also own nothing so there will be nothing to gain to try pay things under my name I will simply not pass any credit check! In the other hand if all this is true I ll need to personnaly thank Mrs. Mavis Wanczyk for her incredible generosity!

    Because I suspected a scam I made a search on Mrs. Mavis Wanczyk. I wish you get enough information to catch the scammers doing this.

  10. I met a man called David Mearn Powell in Sanna in Yemen was an orthopedic doctor has a 6 year contract and has done 2 years but was asked to go to Aden for 7 months , a bomb just blasted and killed 5 doctors and 7 nurses, he declined so he had to leave on his own but never had any money all locked away in a UK bank was cant access it as there was no banks or transaction being allowed to go out of Yemen, he was scared and wanted to leave, he didnt know how to go about getting out and his head trooper got him set up in with a account that books flights and a train to Saudi Arabia and he didn’t know how he can get that he was crying and hasn’t eaten. all he wanted to do was to be safe and to love me and keep me happy. he told me everything i wanted to hear and plans dreams and a family he had and mine, one big happy family, was going to build a hospital so he can work there then we hire staff then we can go on holidays. i bought out everything in him he didn’t have courage love and get up and go each day i made him happy and he couldn’t believe we felt so much and was looking forward to spending our life together forever until our last breathe he played songs that touched my heart and made me feel like i was n cloud nine each day and even talked all night coz he had the day and night off from duty that he wanted to spend time with me. for about a month this was going on i believed him he made me feel like i was his queen our plans our love was all we needed until i asked him if we could hear each other voices as he sent me photos and a video of him or someone driving a jeep and when he called it wasn’t the same as the voice on the phone. then after that that is when he asked about do i want him to leave and come out and build his hospital and of course i wanted him too he was the man of my dreams and everything he told me i wanted him and no on else so then came the reject the 7 month one.. so he needed money he asked for 4750 us dollars for train and flights and food for him.. had all detail from the agents that will make all the plans then they gave me all the account details ..
    bank name :chase bank
    Account name :Vivian Tran
    Account number : 736588752
    Routing Number: 322271627
    Bank Address:15552 Brookhurst St. Westminister Ca 92683
    Bank number: 7145596027
    Holders Address: 630 S Driftwood Dr Santa Ana CA92704..

  11. Habe eine Whatsapp nummer von dem scammer, der sich Roland Anthony nennt, mit de Fotos von General Douglas Fraser: +1(859)785-4526. Hoffe, ich kann Ihnen damit helfen, die Betrueger zu fassen. Leider habe ich ihn darauf aufmerksam gemacht, dass er eine Menge Fotos von Filippinos hatte, danach hatte ich auf die Fotos keinen Zugriff mehr

  12. This has helped so much! My mom in law is 75 and suddenly this Dr. Michael George is an orthopedic surgeon (claims to be 62 years old) working with the United Nations with an almost 15 year old daughter (Michelle) the female form of Michael in boarding school based out Dallas Texas. He supposedly wants to build a hospital. There’s only 1 Micheal George in Spring/Houston Texas. He’s currently practicing in Texas and to be about 40-44 in age. I called the office after Google searching that name. He was in surgery in Texas. Not Afghanistan. There’s a Lasik doctor by the same name I’m Texas also. He looks like he’s 25 tops. My mother in law said she only has 1 photo, they’ve never video chatted, spoken in the phone… Nothing! I tried not to rain on her parade. But considering she only told me?!? Nobody else because she doesn’t want to be lectured or ridiculed? I get it, I’ve been dooped in my fair share of dating frauds in the past. She won’t believe my husband & I even after printing up the same stories listed on here. She’s been widowed almost 10 years, a bit depressed & definitely lonely etc. (P.S. I didn’t show her the paragraph about the uneducated, screw ups these scammers make, rest assured). A concerned party contacted us about 2 months ago, regarding her going to apply for a loan at the local bank and then trying to get a money order. (We can’t say anything because technically it was her privacy violated, but we’re all looking out for her best interest) SHE WON’T LISTEN!!! They’re supposedly to be married in 5 days when he flies straight home from Afghanistan, then she’s moving to Dallas with him and his daughter by Christmas. We own our property, but we made sure she has life tenancy when we did the mortgage. We’re freaking out (hubby & I) because there will be a degree of psycho that will explode out of me if this dude shows up and thinks he can mooch and live there rent free and rack up her credit cards. I’ve read about that also. She’s in complete denial & again, I’ve been that girl who is a hopeless romantic that falls for every single lie because I’m honest myself. Trying to get an intervention with her lawyer tomorrow before Thanksgiving holiday. Any advice or direction or printable proof etc you can give my husband or myself would be greatly appreciated. I also after confronting her again tomorrow, can see about obtaining a cell#, email address, photo etc if… If she will cooperate. I was hoping I was wrong. She’s a wonderful, kind hearted woman, who doesn’t deserve this. But not do any of the others that have been douped. Guidance is very much welcomed. Thank you so much! Namasté

  13. I have been in contact with a,scammer by the name of Selva Karan. Using the same pics here of that Captain. He did tried to get money out of me. This is so crazy

  14. I have been chatting with a Michael Von Behren who contacted me on Words with Friends Scrabble game site. At his suggestion we moved to Google Hangouts. He has used the words queen, baby, honey and angel. He has been telling me of his undying love for me, etc. I have realized this is a scam and have deleted all contact with him. He told me he was an orthopaedic surgeon under US Govt. contract in Kabul Afghanistan. His email address is [email protected].

  15. Hi I have been talking to a guy on Twitter. Goes by William Frederick from Calif. Claims to be in Iraq and is there as a Navy Seal! While talking I told him I was scammed before and now belong to Scammers Anonymous. After that he would get upset if I ask him personal questions like about family and wanted to know when they would contact me next. He’s to nervous set off an alarm in me. What do you think?? I can send a pic of him. He won’t give me email or phone yet!!!??? I am a member of scampolice ( didn’t tell him that) get your updates.

    1. Thank you Rena. Indeed he is a scammer and how often we see William Frederickses! We also see a lot of anything with “son” on the end (xxxxxxson) because these Nigerians seem to think it is convincing.Well No don’t tell him anything you know as we like to keep them ignorant. Of course no special forces would be telling you anything at all about where they are working.

  16. Shane Nickels is on Mingle2 twice. Shane Nickels is 40 years old on Mingle2 . Jason Vincent has Shane Nickels’s pictures on his Mingle2 profile. I want to warn you. I swiped right on them. I put a heart under their names. They never messaged me back. Jason Vincent has a different picture on there. His profile picture is cute. He is wearing a blue hat, but the hat is facing backwards. He has a red shirt on. I seen the other picture on here. You can tell he is a real person, but someone is stealing his pictures then putting them on a dating site . You can go on Mingle2 to find him. He hasn’t messaged me, yet. I was on Zoosk on first. I saw the advertisement on Facebook. Zoosk is the best website I tried. I tried Zoosk like five years ago. Zoosk was the first dating site I tried. I met about four guys on there. The guy worked at UPS. He knew one lady I went to school with. He was in my house. My parents met him. My parents let him come inside. They liked him. He was a weird character, so I wanted him to get away from me . He kissed me. He spanked me. He spanked me out of the blue, so I strongly disliked that. He was hitting on me. He looked like an odd duck. We went to a cemetery then we ran through it when it was dark. He would pick me up. We went around the scary part of town. I met him around Halloween time. I met a few more guys from that site, but one date was enough because I was not attracted to them. I met another guy from Zoosk. We ended up being friends for almost five years. We were friends for three years then we got intimate then it ended it right there. He work for a news station. He is a news producer. I met other people from other websites. I met one guy from MeetMe. I took my cat with me. My cat didn’t like him. We went out to drink. He was a Catholic weird guy. The last guy I met on Zoosk was a bad boy. He smoked the green stuff. He knows some bad people that have been to prison or jail for drugs. He knows some women that get involved with rapists . He told me about his friend. His friend’s ex-wife got raped by this guy, but she recently ran back to the guy that raped her in the past. She was fifteen years old when they had sex. He was like in his late thirties or forties . The guy was married, but he had sex with a fifteen year old. He had children with his wife. I got away from that guy. His friend lived with him. I don’t need weird people in my life. I met another guy on Zoosk. He was living in Washington D.C at the time. He was so sexy. He was who said he was online. Sometimes I think about him. I think dirty thoughts about him. He was extremely hot. We did it once, but I made him do it another time. He was always drunk. He told me his ex-girlfriend was a druggy. He was living with his family at the time. When I think about him then I think about doing it. Some guys are just good at doing it, but that is the only thing they are good at. He lied to me. He never told me he had a son because he knew I didn’t want to be a guy that has a child or children because I told him that. He sent the naughty pictures first then I started sending him naughty pictures too. I sent my ex-boyfriend naughty pictures before too. I thought my ex-boyfriend was cheating on me, so I sent him naughty pictures. I met him at a car dealership. He was a car salesman. He sold weed to his friends he worked with. He did coke. He bought coke from his friend. I only smoked the green stuff . I don’t do drugs. My first boyfriend I met him at church. He was far from being a Godly man. He raped me after I said no, but he pushed me on it. He had sexy magazines in the bathroom. He would compliment on other women when I was right there. We watched porn together. I hate porn. I hate sexy women magazines. I hate sexy women posters. I hate sexual things period. If you are married then you should get sexual. The other guys I did I meet them at the gym. We did it once then it was it. I truly don’t have flings. I did guys I personally knew. I don’t do strange guys. I met the other guys online. I was in an abusive relationship with a guy for three months. I met the abusive guy on datehookup. He beat me in the arms. He hit me in the stomach. I know he is on Skout. I saw him on Skout. I know he is on datehookup. He will admit that he is a cheater. He has four children. The first baby momma told me he beat me more than he beat you. His little girls lived with us. I took care of the girls. I took them to school. He let me take them to church. He let me take them to VBS. I was with him from March 27, 2014 until July 14, 2014. My cousin told me he wanted to hook up with me. He got on my social media sites. He blocked those guys. He was a controlling man. He told me, “I killed my ex-girlfriend.” Other guys I met I was not interested in, but I don’t need the drama anymore, thank you so much too.

    1. We are unable to fix your social life and you need to be careful who you actually meet. Best advice from us is to give up on doing this online and get out into the real world.

  17. Io avrei a che fare con lo stesso truffatori e mi scrive con questa email [email protected] mi dice che si chiama Randy bates cercando su Google si chiama cory bates. Sono 2 settimane che mi dice di inviare denaro io sto rifiutando di inviare soldi e dice di inviare in Nigeria che I soldi gli rita il fratello lui non puo farlo lavora sempe e gli ho chiesto se ha 2 figli che avevo visto una foto su Instagram e Facebook mi ha risposto che sono I figli del suo amico

  18. I have the same photos that are online.
    He says someone has stolen his IDENTIFICATION
    He says he’s in Pakistan. A doctor who’s contract is up in Dec2020. He’s asked for iTunes cards and my cell provider and password. Then wanted 1000 to get a new phone. Gave me some address to send money to in Turkey. Said his son died.
    I reversed searched his pic and came up with a doctor named Kerem Bikmaz.

  19. I was scammed out of a small amount of money by this “Doctor” Dr. Gerry Nazi
    He’s said pretty much the same things to me

  20. How can I paste the photo of my scammer. I did not pay and he has said that he is going to kill me. He has 50 plus photos and about 75 different names and email accounts. He had twitter accounts under William Armstrong Stephen Williams, William Scott, and I was acquainted with him under Dr. Jason Coffman Brandt. All claiming to be orthopedic surgeons. This man has been an active scammer since 2013 at least. He is psychotic, Dr. Jeckel Mr Hyde type, and very dangerous. Women need to see his photo to know to stay away from him. I have seen his face on a video and it is the same as in all the photos.

  21. I was contacted via Instagram by David Mills but I found out by googling his picture that he goes by a lot of different names i’m for sure he’s a scammer.
    He asked me for iTunes cards, I fell for it the first time around but he insisted it had to be $100. He also ask for $500 which I did not son and when I confronted him and accused him as a scammer he got mad. I also asked him to call and FaceTime because I wanted to see his face, I proceeded to call him twice while I was texting him but of course he didn’t answer.

  22. Hello. I got in Instagram a lot of those scammers.
    Now i got a paper sent by WhatsApp where I soposed to Kontakt to get his money out.
    Because I know about scammers i told the guy that I am scared to do this.
    He got upset and said something like you dont love me.
    This is not the first guy that wants something like this. I Was taking to a other one that need much money to pay the tax.
    He sendet me his passport. It was i fafe passport. It was realy a dad Kopie.
    So i would like to hear from you if you need any Thing of the stuff I have.


  24. The man who sent me this very same photo has called himself Allen Miller Robles, is an Orthopaedic Surgeon working for the UN in Syria. We have been speaking on WhatsApp since early June. He ‘found’ me on Instagram.

    He has asked for me to accept $3.1 million Australian for ‘safe keeping’ until he has finished his contract there. This money is to be delivered by a diplomat/ private courier to my place (I have not given him an address). He wants to build a clinic here to continue his orthopaedic work and helping people. I have told him he must contact the Australian Govt to find out for sure what he needs to do.

    He wants this to be kept between ourselves… As if!!!

    I will provide his Whats App number if you like. Anything to tackle scum like this.

    My bank directed me to Reverse Photo which is why I am now writing.

    He claimed to have a son who fainted while on (US) summer holidays in Trinidad and Tobago. Unfortunately I have sent a sum of money to assist the child but was really unsure of doing so. Funnily enough, there have been no reports of the childs progress unless I ask.

    I contacted my bank and spoke to them about his plans, concerned that I may be used as a 3rd party in money laundering

    1. There are NO orthopaedic surgeons working for the UN in Syria. Diplomats omly work for the government they represent. All that mentioned, is a scammer story. Aynyone with that sum of money would use a bank and not give it to a random person on the internet they have never met. It is confusing to think of some nebulous contract that delivers that ampunt of money and of course it is just bullshit. The scammer is probably in Tobago and only invented a third party and pretends to be be someone else so you didn’t launder money, you sent it directly to the scammer.

  25. I have been talking to a guy who claims he is Jason Bill Bergley in the US Army in Syria in a special OPS unit. He said he has had tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and now Syria. He is retiring in about 15 weeks. Seems to be a great guy with love for God. We have been talking since June 2nd after meeting on Plenty of Fish. He has not asked for any kind of money from me, but he talks about an orphanage in Syria that he visits the children. I told him I wanted to send the kids a care package with some little trinkets from the states. He said he had never received care packages. So he would have to ask his commander what address to use to send the package. I was given an email address to email delivery personnel for the address. When I did, I got an email back that said due to the secrecy of his work, I have to send pictures of items I want to send in the package. The delivery personnel will have to do the shopping and send me pictures in return of the items they find. If it is what I want, they tell me the amount to send and then buy the items when they get the money. Again, he didn’t ask me to send anything, I volunteered and was the one to initiate the suggestion of sending something. He seems sincere, but I did do a reverse search on the photos he provided and they all come back to Romance Scam/Army Leave Scammer.

    1. All the elements of a scammer and they are all Godfearing too You will tell us he is “peacekeeping” too we guess. There is no orphanage in Syria he visits. Soldiers do not ask commanders anything. His work is so secret he shares it with strangers on the internet. He is asking for money by forging letters to send money and there are no delivery personel.

      1. Ich hatte Kontakt zu einem Mann der sich als Edward Morgan ausgegeben hat. Dieser hat mich auf xing das erste Mal kontaktiert. Er verwendet die Bilder von dem russischen Geschäftsmann. Wir haben dann ein paar Wochen über whattsapp geschrieben und uns gut verstanden. Dann hat er auf einmal Geldprobleme wegen eines neuen Jobs. Und dann hat er nach Geld gefragt, was ich logischer Weise nicht überwiesen habe. Darauf hin wurde ich stutzig und habe abhand des angeblichen neuen Jobs bei Chevron etwas recherchiert. Ich habe dann ein weiteres Profil auf xing gefunden unter David Hills ebenfalls mit einem Foto von dem russischen Geschäftsmann.
        Mailadresse: [email protected]
        WhatsApp +44 7714 940895

    1. Do you mean you are educating him to use better English and get better at scamming? Best not to deal with them unless you know what to do and bait safely. We do not recommend it.

  26. Hi, Im talking to this one girl, and she needs money to fly back and meet me, she is in Nigeria. Im mad because I want to trust her but I cant. I believe its a scam, I love life and hate money. The worst part about it is they promise a lot, in return.I never met the person and may never will, so I looked at scammers on romance and yup her picture popped up…. no address, nothing. not even here in the states. I know and feel it in my heart that she is a scammer. I don’t trust online romance anymore because of what happened to me in helping others more than myself.

  27. Ich lernte Dr. Daniel Adams am 10 April 2015 Kennen um 1 Uhr Nacht, Mein Telefon klingelte und ich sagte nur ich will schlafen und habe aufgelegt. Am anderen Morgen hat Er sich mit den Skype gemeldet und Entschuldig das Er mich geweckt hat. Er sagte mir das Er In Syrien ist in einem Krankenhaus im Auftrag der Ärzte ohne Grenzen. Es sei sehr gefährlich hier, so ging es Tage lang wir haben uns unterhalten mit dem Skype aber gesehen habe ich Ihn nicht. Dann eines Tages sagte Er mir das Er aus Syrien heraus wolle doch gäbe es nur eine Möglichkeit, mit einen Amerikanischen Transport Firma Die Menschen aus Syrien heraus bringe doch koste das Geld und da Er sein Bankkonto sperren ließ für Die Zeit die Er in Syrien sei habe Er kein Geld zur Verfügung, ob ich Ihm helfen könne, das habe ich gemacht. Leider kam immer wieder etwas dazwischen dann ist sein Pass abgelaufen und musste verlängert werden. Dann musste der Flug bezahlt werden. Und so ging es weiter bis ich nicht mehr konnte da ich kein Geld mehr hatte ich habe sogar meinen Schmuck verkauft um Ihm zu helfen denn Er sagte Immer Er wolle mit mir zusammen Leben in Zürich. Er sagte das Sie in die Türkei wollen und von Dort weiter. Das ging dann auch daneben weil die IS Bei der Grenze war und Sie zurück musste und einen andere Weg zu suchen. Es gab nur einen Möglichkeit nach Israel, Dort wurden Sie von einem Korrupten Zoll Beamten in das Land gelassen wo Er dann Hängen blieb weil ich das Geld nicht hatte für seinen Weiter Flug. Er hat dann die Paten Tante von Seinem Sohn Alex um Hilfe gebeten, Die dann an mich 1000.- USD gesendet hat. Und ich es an die Adresse die Er genannt hat weiter geleitet habe. Er konnte dann Israel verlassen und kam nach Istanbul wo sein Gepäck gescannt wurde und da Er Gold bei sich hatte wurde Er verhaftet, wegen Blut Gold. Er sagte mir dann das Er nachweisen muss das dieses Gold sein Eigentum sei, das Er mit Hilfe eines Zertifikats das in den Staaten hergestellt wurde. Doch ich hatte immer noch kein Geld also konnte ich Ihm nicht mehr helfen. Dann war Monate lang nichts Mehr. Bis letztes Jahr im Dezember, Dann hatte ich wieder Kontakt mit Ihm, Und Er sagte mir das ein Freund in Neuseeland Im helfe und das Geld auf mein Bank Konto, geschickt werde, Ich soll es dann dahin schicken und Er nannte mir den Namen in Accra Ghana, das habe ich dann gemacht. Ich hörte dann wieder im Februar von Ihm, mit der Bitte Ihm wieder zu Helfen. Eine Schnur Choojit hat es auch auf mein Bank Konto 4300.- CHF, das ich dann weiter geleitet habe an Kelly OTU in Accra Ghana. Und dann hörte ich wieder nichts mehr von Ihm. Doch in der Zwischen Zeit wollte Die Bank von Lois Bow diese 3000.- CHF von mir zurück. Das war der Grund warum ich Lois Bow gesucht habe. Wir haben Uns ausgesprochen. Das ist die ganze Geschichte.
    Auch Lois Bow ist ein Opfer Von diesem Betrüger, und ich nehme an das auch Choojit Schnur ebenfalls ein Opfer ist. Seine E-mail Daniel Adams [email protected]

    1. The way I understand it is that you sent money to a scammer and when he got back to you after some time he actually sent you money using an alias. You then forwarded it to the scammer who used a different bank account ID. Actually you laundered the money. It was stolen money from scam victims. Lois Bow is probably a fake bank letter because the scammer wants to get more money off you. Lois Bow does not exist. SEND NOTHING.
      Money laundering is a serious criminal offence.
      I would advise you to consult your local police force. They will probably accept the fact that you are a victim but it is more important to stop this scammer and get these bank accounts shut down. It will also protect you from any legal action in the future.

  28. I received a friend request on Facebook it was on January 16th from George Richmond, he is from France, but he lives in Waller, Texas, I found out he is a Romance scammer,five days later he said he had to go to a different country to ship his goods, then he told me he run out of money and he wanted me to assist him with $2,000 dollars that he was going to pay back within the next two days with interest, I wanted to make sure he was a scammer and I asked him for his information to send him the money,he gave an excuse. I just did not send him any money,he got so mad,but I did not care. This is what we have to do.

  29. I was recently contacted by a scammer posing as Gen. David L. Goldfein. Many red flags. Grammar was awful, seemed to have an “answer” for every question….would not answer questions, claimed he “loved” me, etc. Claimed he would buy a home for us wherever I wanted to live, etc.

  30. Hoffentlich nicht 😀 Aber folgendes, via Face Book bekam ich eine Freundschaftsanfrage, ik bekomme wohl mehre, aber die interessierte mich, wegen Namen (Süd Amerikanisch eventuell) und das Bild von eine 4 Sternen General de USAF. Alles möglich. Ich akzeptierte, obwohl wir keine gemeinsame Freunde hatten.
    Wir haben einige Malen via FB Messenger miteinander gechat und er frug mich nach Gmail zu gehen und seine Einladung in der Hangout zu kommen bitte annehmen wollte. Habe noch nichts schlimmes bemerkt. Also getan. Da wurde es denn immer heftiger, wir schickten Foto’s hin und her und bald kam da etwas wie eine Liebes Erklärung. Das ging eine ganze Zeit so weiter, denn liebe Worte und Romantik ist schon mal nett. Da fragte er mich um meine Adresse, er wollte mich ein Geschenk schicken und mit dabei waren denn einige Dokumente, die ich denn aufbewahren sollte. Er schicke mir eine Kopie der Frachtgesellschaft, und die besteht wirklich by the way.
    Da bekam ich ein email von dieser Gesellschaft um den customs Fee zu zahlen. Ich zögerte, aber weil der Airway Bill stimmte soweit, tat ich es auch. Ja jetzt weiß ich, sehr dumm. Zoll hat das Paket gescand und fest gestellt dass der Wert viel höher war und der Agent von der Ttransportfirma bat mich 42.000 Euro zu überweisen. Inzwischen war ich so misstrauisch geworden, dass ich angefangen habe zu suchen. Habe vieles Entdeckt und muss feststellen, dass ich ein scammer auf den Leim gegangen bin. Er ist noch in Kontakt mit mir, und das wollte ich so halten, damit jemand mir helfen konnte den zu stellen und mir zu sagen, wie ich diesen Type ohne weiteren Schaden Los werden kann.
    Lassen Sie mich wissen was Sie brauchen,

    Vieln Dank im voraus,

    Mit freundlichem Gruß


  31. I want to make a report about a romance scammer that has been fooling my mom for months. Do you have a template on what I could send you so he could appear here in your site? He thinks he’s pretty good with his photoshop skills and number but I still caught him.

  32. I met one person he is a Dr Orthopedic Surgeon. He works for United Nations security council in sana”a Yemen We make love relationships for 5 months. He wants to leaving in Yemen. He wants to come my house and we can married. But He is not allowed to leave.I have to make for him apple vacation from the Untied Nations. Because his contract for 4 years, but he has 2 years less. I send email address and they want me to send money for his vacation. I already did every thing they want. I have his ticket flight on November 20 from Yemen to my house. But when he come to Germany he is text message, he stuck because he bring some machine from his work. The security ask to pay taxes> He is allow to use his money for when he get to America He say he will go to the jail. I don”t know that all true or scammer. If I get scammed How do I got all money back. I have all paper and receipt. Can you help please?

    United Nations
    405 East 42ND Street
    New York
    C/O Head Of vacation department
    United Nations Supervision Mission
    Sana”a Military Base, Yemen
    [email protected]

  33. I met somebody who claims to be leaving in Yemen as a peacekeeper and he said that he wants to come here to Canada and that he loves me and he wants to get married to me but he’s not allowed to come and I have to make for him vacation form the United nations and I send a email to that email address and they want me to send money for his vacation then I don’t know what to do is this scam should I help him or what please tell me

    First Avenue at 46th Street,
    New York , 10017.
    Phone +4843985409
    E-mail: [email protected]

    1. This is 100% a leave scam and we have the email address listed. is a free emailer and no official organisation would use them any more than they would use gmail. This instant love thing is a myth invented by a scammer to get your money. We have emailed you. You are not “helping” anyone, only sending money to a boy criminalin Nigeria or Ghana etc. Help yourself by sending it nothing.

  34. I just received a friend request on Facebook from a Gregg William. In doing a reverse image search, it appears that this same profile pic has been used in many other scams under several different names. He claims to be a Commander at US Army Central, living in Syria, Virginia and is widowed. Normally I just report these to fb as fake profiles, but I was wondering if there was something more that could be done. I’m attaching the link to his fb page.

  35. Could you please tell me what is up with every woman asking for an iTunes card or an Amazon card. I have been asked for those more times than I can count

  36. Ok so been contacted by Wilson Scott do I just get rid of can I help you with information. Also got a Wood Thomas who I blocked is he a scammer?

  37. I was contacted by someone claiming to be Lt. Gen. John William Nicholson, USA and stationed in Afghanistan as head of ground forces. He has repeatedly told me he loves me and wants a life with me. He told me he is a widower. He has asked me for several Google Play cards-each one totaling 100 US dollars. He asked for my cell number and being quite taken by his words of love and romance, I gave it to him. He recently said he must delete his Instagram acct as he is at a security risk. I am very upset and worried this man is an imposter. We have been talking for over a month and he seemed so kind. Now though,in asking for additional Google Play cards I am very suspicious. Please help me out if this mess!! I actually believed him and have fallen quite hard for him. Before this goes any further can you tell me if this is the real Lt. Gen. John William Nicholson. USA Army with NATO ground forces in Afghanistan!??? Thank you for any help you can render to me.

      1. a man called Richard Rutledge contact me. he said he is Colonel of US, now he is in Afghanistan. He fight the terrorist and got injury. he is in the hospital now. and he want to send me his medals and document to keep them for him as he will go to my country to invest after retiring. His courier send email to me to confirm my information. today, the courier send me email that the parcel was kept by the custom because it is overweight. He asked me to send money to the custom account number 3000 USD. I sent 500 USD to the account he provided. he said the custom give me more time until tomorrow to pay the rest. Now I know he is a scam when I search his photo on the internet.

      2. Yes he is a scammer and sorry you lost money Consider that he can easily pack his items into a box and send them home safely and for free courtesy of the Army. We will be in touch and do not send money.

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