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419 SCAM

Romance Scam

    Williams D    



[email protected]

Williams D


Photos of Eric Worre (speaker, trainer, and consultant: Company Name Network Marketing Pro Inc., United States)



Tagline: I’m searching for a life partner.
Member Since: June 14, 2017
Gender: Male
Location: San Bernardino, CA
Age: 57
Relationship Status: Widowed
Languages: English, Deutsch, Italiano
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Religion: Catholic
Orientation: Straight


Williams D:

I am a loving, kind, romantic, passionate, funny, joyful, fun, person. Looking for the same in my woman. I want chemistry, like to hold hands, affectionate, nice, woman who like to go do. I enjoy boating, swimming, the water, cars, movies, theater, flying, singing, dancing, and I like to go traveling.

About Me:


    Horror movies are my favorite, especially one’s with plenty of gore! I also like suspense, action and comedy.


    Movies Dirty Dancing; Pretty Woman; Save the Last Dance; and Maid in Manhattan. Anything but horror,  (Oh dear.  Just now he liked plenty of gore!!! But then it was supposed to be about music.)


    I like watching many different shows and programs.Judge Mathis, Judge Judy, The Simpsons and Family Guy,Truman.


    Foreign Affairs Magazine, and International Law Journals.Fiction, Magazines/Sports, News Lines, Non-Fiction, Poetry, I read almost anything that will add to my development as a person.


    I like playing Soccer, dancing, , music and cooking.I’m romantic, caring vivacious, warm-heated, open- and single-minded, responsible, family-oriented sun bathing; walking; talking; friends; communicating; corresponding; dancing; karaoke; going on picnics; going to baseball games; watching sports; going to movies and shows; going to the beach; attending or throwing dinner parties; animals (dogs and cats); and cuddling with that “special” person.


    I am looking for a WOMAN, comfortable enough with herself to express the passionate side of her soul. A woman that can give me Soft Kisses and Sensual Touches,I am looking for someone good looking, smart with a great sense of humor and knows the meaning of “relationship”, I love to joke but am serious when need be. I’d love to meet someone to enhance my life but not take away my independence.



    About Me:

    I am honest, loyal, faithful, trusting, kind, caring, loving and fun, with a compassionate and generous nature. INBOX:

Williams D:

– Well am so sorry I messaged you… i was opportune to see your profile picture and i must say that what i saw was quite fascinating & interesting. You stick me as a divine handsomeness of endless chime and all that is fair and lovely meets in your aspects. I was bored so just feel like chatting and besides I’m new on here, i am interested in knowing you.

– how are you doing there?

– You are welcome, well my name is Williams am from San Bernardino and you?

– Okay, this is a very slow apps. It takes long before i could open my messages here, are you on Google hangout messager?

– i want us to hangout there if don’t mind my lady, cause am always online on Google hangout

– Oh, i don’t like Facebook dear, do you have skype?

– i have been sending you messages on yahoo messager you are not replying me
[email protected] send me a mail then
are you on skype baby?
i have send you a request on skype there



Scammer Profile with photos of the same man:

1. Eric Worre (Deleted profile)


2. Eric Worre (Deleted profile)





Location: New York, NY

Member since: May 31, 2017

Eric Worre

Photos of Eric Worre (speaker, trainer, and consultant: Company Name Network Marketing Pro Inc., United States)



Age: 58

Location: Madina, Ghana

About myself:

I’m Eric from USA i am a honest simple preson my hobbies are siwwming and reading traveling buinesse

Education      High school only

Sociability     Easygoing

Your favorite restaurants  Shoprid


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