We welcome comments but it has become a bit disorganised in time and hard to follow. They have been scattered around all over the place.

Here is a page where you can add your comments all in one place and not have to click and click everywhere or struggle down long lists.

This is where you can expose more scammers.  Your own words are acceptable but we will improve them if it is needed.



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2 Comments on "COMMENTS PAGE"

  1. Me esta pasando algo así pero yo si caí asta que me puse investigar en esta página pero fue demasiado tarde no se que tan confiable es esta página yo sigo chateando con esa persona que se hace pasar por un sargento
    Google translate.
    Something like this is happening to me but I did fall until I started investigating on this page but it was too late I don’t know how reliable this page is, I keep chatting with that person who pretends to be a sergeant

    • I can assure you we are 100% accurate. If it is on our pages then you can be sure it is someone using stolen pictures and making wild claims. Money requests are always a scam. No need to waste your time chatting to the scammer.Don’t tell him what you know or how you found him here, just vanish and block.

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