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419 Scam
Romance Scam

Berlinda Ayam


[email protected]



Berlinda Ayam


Photo of an actress Natalie Sparks



Berlinda Ayam
32, Woman, Single
Berg, Germany *(!)
Looks for: Woman 37 – 69 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship


Wonder.Dating.com. INBOX:

Berlinda Ayam:

hi nice to met you here

[I’m here] to make friends

[my e-mail address] [email protected]


Google Hangout ([email protected]):



Berlinda Ayam:

Am berlinda Brest in Belarus *(!) am 31 years of age i was once in a relationship with a guy and i saw him with another lady in my own room since then i didn’t trust any man again

I have deleted my profile on the site
I’m from Washington Spokane (*:-? thinking*8-} silly*;) winking)
Send me your picture for me to see the person I’m talking with



 *(!) The scammer mixed up his location in this chat. It was said “Brest, Belarus” instead of mentioned in the Profile “Berg, Germany”. We found another Profile of this scammer on the site Galactic.Love.com with the “Brest, Belarus” location:


Profile of the same scammer:



Berlinda Ayam


31, Woman, Single
Brest, Belarus *(!)
Looks for: Single Man 35 – 74 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship


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