An informant sent us the following
message so we did some checking around and she sent us more information.

I met one of your General on Facebook , his name is Gen William Johnson Richard, from Los Angeles, California.He is 52 years old. He is using a fake identity card of the General.  I  enclose the Identity of the person and some emails from the United Nation of Nigeria. He has been assigned by Nigeria UN and NATO, The United Nation has sent me an email and asked to pay a sum of 650
dollars for his leave, then the sum of 800 dollars for the president
and government for their approval which I have already been paid
through the United Nation representive namely Akpodonor Friday of
Delta State, Sapele, Nigeria.

William Johnson Richard

captainwilliam Richard

< > wrote:

This is my WORKING ID CARD you need….Dont show anybody pls because dont want to get into trouble

Photo is photoshopped fromPeter W Chiarelli, retired United States Army General

Scammer claims to live here

1945 Holmaby Avenue

Los Angeles


In Afganistan for ” peacekeeping, kindly to the needful “

Phone Numbers. 

Fake son Kelvin Frank  ” in Army Academic in Ghana”  +233541649967

Fake United “Nation”  of Nigeria  +233541649967

Email addresses.

The Scammer likes to send  flashy forms and emails with headers.   Note that the UN department he quotes is purely for getting statistics and has nothing to do with the function invented by  the scammer’s imagination. wrote:

Official WEB Site Locator For the UN System Of Organizations



Marriage department office

Congratulation Madam,We the United Nation want to say a very BIG and happy Marriage in
advance to you and your husband General William Johnson Richard. Once
again Congratulation. Bellow attached is the marriage Certificate copy. and We will need to take the Original
copy to the President ,and Government Officials Office for them to approval your marriage certificate before they can grant your husband his Arrival to you there in (XXXXXXXX)and without the Approval of the President and Government of Officials they will never allow your husband to come over to you,Because your husband is working under them.
the Amount they are using to Approval a marriage certificate is 800 United State Dollars and
you have to try all your possible best to make the payment of
the 800 US dollars before the end of this week.
The Payment Information Remain Same:
Receiver Name:……….AKPODONOR FRIDAY
Receiver Country:…….Nigeria
Receivers Address:……Delta State,Sapele
Text Question:………..GOD
Amount: ……………($800 United State Dollar )
Once the President and Government Officials Approve the marriage certificate your
husband will be able to come to you  within Three working days 72 hours
We are waiting to hear
from you as soon as possible.
Best Regards,
Issuing Department Chairman


united nation < > wrote:

Attention: XXXXXXX

Thanks for the acknowledgement of your mail regarding your husband,General William Johnson Richard. your message is well read and understood.we would want to inform you to please provide to us the marriage Certificate Document if you already marry to General William Johnson Richard. in order for his release to you without further delay. but if you are not yet married, then you are require to provide the list details for the issuing of marriage certificate document from UN, United Nations Office before his arrival can be approved. you will need to provide the details listed across with the marriage Certificate form to enable the arrival of your husband to you. This office is the rightful office of issuing for all our (Soldiers/ Captain/Engineer across the world.)               

Please kindly provide the necessary will need to get back with the following request for the approval of your husband arrival to you in (XXXXX)as soon as possible,before the marriage date. bellow information.
Also you are charge of marriage certificate document, cost of ($970 United State Dollar) for the Endorsement of issuing.
1.Your Full Name
2. Your husband full Name
3. Your Age
4. Venue of marriage.
5. Your father Name.
6. Your mother name.
7. Your husband Age
8. Your Current home addresses
9. And the sum of ($970 United State Dollar). for the Endorsement of the Certificate.
10. Copy of your Picture &Husband Picture.

This is to inform you that this payment should be made before the date to issue the Certificate to you. Please also check on the bellow attachment, you will need to fill your information along,but if you unable to do it,then send your Information across to enable us facilitate on it soon.Once the Certificate is been issued, your husband will be able to come to you within Three working days 72 hours.
money should be send through Western Union Money transfer or Money Gram.for easy facilitation. Receiver’s information bellow

Receiver’s Name:…….AKPODONOR FRIDAY

Receiver Country:…………………… Nigeria

Receivers Address:………………….DeltaState,Sapele

Text Question:………………………..GOD


Amount: …………….( $970 United State Dollar)
Kindly follow the payment information to Our email:
Best Regards,
UN Chairman Issuing Department.


Picture on marriage certificate can be found here on a scammer’s  profile.

Mack Austin

Attended University of Houston

Lives in Houston, Texas

Occupation U.S ARMY

Gender Male

Relationship Widowed wrote:
Compliment of the season, XXXXXXX
Madam we are really seriously working on your husband arrival to you right now,and he was supposed to budge and come to you now, but we are facing some challenging here right now regarding C.E.O Ban Ki-moon UN chairman guarantee before your husband arrival can be fully granted, without delay madam i would want you to please get back to us immediately enable his arrival before the end of Today because i wouldn’t him to miss his flight ticket that was about by the UN, because if by any means they ask you to pay for that, to avoid much of expenses, get back right now on how we can go about the (permit Certificate)  (guarantee certificate)Cost for that is,($3,000.00 United State Dollar) you have to be fast make the payment for us to obtain the Two certificate for your husband Secured from the C.E.O Ban Ki-moon United Nation Chairman for them to grant your husband arrival to you.  then they can give your husband Ticket to come over to you Today madam.  the reason why Those certificate is very important is this:
Those certificate is to prove that your husband Retirement was fully
  Guarantee also Citizen of United State of Army commander to allow you and your husband to have Freedom together in any country you which to live without cheating or beating or fighting you Also The UN Promise to give your husband Three Army Bodyguard when coming over to you because your husband is not coming alone the UN will give Your husband Three Army that will follow your husband as a Bodyguard to Secured you and your husband when living together.
i look forward to your swift respond

Best Regards,
UN Chairman Issuing Department. wrote:

Compliment of the season Madam,  Congratulation!!!Congratulation!!!Congratulation, We the United Nation want to say a very BIG and happy Marriage in advance to you and your husband General William Johnson Richard. Once again Congratulation. Bellow attach is the Approve marriage Certificate and your husband  arrival will be by tomorrow 12noon Afghanistan time. We want to huge you to please send to us the near by International Airport to your destination, where you want to meet with your husband. including your mobile number. Awaiting your swift respond God bless you. kindly reply to us with this our second email:

Best Regards,

United Nation Issuing Department Chairman

The scammer also tried an old fashioned bank scam/419 Advance fee fraud.   Our informant Had become wise. And “YES”he is just as illiterate as before. As before, he has assistance in the docments/text he uses where he has to add the name of his next victim, not that he manages to get even that task right.





Message from info.Fidelityonline Banking  wrote:

Dear Valued Customer (Miss.REMOVED NAME )
We are in receipt of your mail which was sent to our office regarding the transfer of your
Husband Funds General William Johnson Richard which totals the sum of $ 1 Million United State Dollars to you.

Please you are to follow our instruction below, by filling on our space Below to open an account with us here in our bank as we are preparing to transfer the money to you Via Non-Residential Online Banking.
You have to open an account with us here in Our online Banking transfer,
then we will then set up your account by given you your USER NAME AND
PASSWORD, which you will then use to transfer your fund to any of the
account in the world and to your private account because that is the
only way you will not have problem with your Bank or your country when
the money arrive to your Bank Account.

to open an account with us here in our bank we cost you  Amount:$ 550 us dollars. and you have to be fast sending the money  all together with your details we needed to open an  account for you in our online Banking transfer.
Payment should be paid  through Western Union Money Transfer or money gram, because If will ask you to send  through Bank Account then it will take 3 or 4  days before arrive in the  Account ,that is why we ask you to send through western union or Money Gram to avoid delay.
This an the payment information………………


Receiver Country: NIGERIA

Receiver Address: DELTA STATE

Test Question: Color

Test Answer:  Blue

Amount:  550 us dollar

kindly forward us the payment information to our email address after finish sending the money:

Applying For A Fidelity Bank Online Banking Account How to Enroll in For Fidelity Bank Web Banking.

Enrolling in Fidelity Bank Online Banking is fast and easy. Enroll by providing to us the following information writing here under:
Full Name:
Email Address:
Home Address:
Date of Birth:
Annual Income:
Coloured Photo Graph picture copy:
Note: Online Banking is the fastest and best process of making an international transfer all over the world so you have to act fast by sending  the money all together with your needed information so that we can give you the next step to follow.
Immediately you have done with the sending of the money all together with your
details, we will then set up your account by given you your USER NAME AND PASSWORD, which you will then use to transfer your fund to any of the account in the world and to your private account.
Upon receipt of the aforementioned information, we shall be sending your
Online account login details in less than 2-Hrs.

Note: Because of impostors, we hereby issue you our code of conduct tag
Number which is (GCBOT 0063) so you must have to indicate this code
when contacting us via email.

We look forward to serving you better.
Best Regards,
Mr. Nnamdi Okonkwo

For:Fidelity Bank Plc.
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** Our Head office is located at :
2, Adeyemo Alakija Street, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria, Adeyemo Alakija St, Lagos 23401
Fidelity Bank PLC is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
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unauthorized use, disclosure, copying or alteration of this message is strictly prohibited. If you are not the addressee, (or responsible for delivery of the message to the addressee), please notify the originator by return message and destroy the original

Message from info.Fidelityonline Banking < > wrote:

Dear Valued Customer (Miss. MORE SCREWED UP NAME )

Sorry madam for the late Reply concerning the document of the beneficiary which you request, we was busy attending to Other’s customer in our office ,We just finish Renew the document and change the Beneficiary Name to your Name according to what your Husband instruct  us to do. Because the Money was deposit  since 2008 before he was transfer to Afghanistan for peace keeping mission, Clink on the attachment below you will see the copy of the document

As soon as we  finish transfer the fund to your Bank account then we will send
you the 
clearance all the document that backup the funds, you don’t have to be afraid you will never have problem when the Bank arrive to your Bank account because Online Banking is the best way to make an international transfer,  the funds is legally secured.

Trying to get back to us this week  with the payment and your details which we needed from you to Open the Online Account for you in our Bank.

Skype Identities:
William Johnson Richard

Because he is barely literate he is wliiamricahrd


United States


Birth date. 2nd June 1964

Age. Just turned 51

Gender. Male

Language. English   (ADMIN NOTE. He thinks he writes English!) 


The scammer uses a very bad picture of Steven Murphy, an English sailor in the Royal Navy. See him here.

Photo of Royal Navy Leading Seaman (LS) Stephen Murphy (UK)


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