Welcome to our information pages about Internet scammers and 419 scam information. We have a mission to fight fraud and give you 419 scam information. Everything you see here is about  criminals who have one purpose only….  To relieve you of your money!

This page is run by Admins and YOU.  We have helpers who operate on various Social Media sites and send us information and we have you as part of our “group”.

We don’t call you “Victims” because you are our “Informants” and  it is you who share your experiences and we hope it liberates you.  Sharing  with our viewers and providing 419 scam information is helping people avoid  getting into the usual traps set by criminals after money and you should be proud of your contributions.

Of course if you have any doubts and questions about someone or something, please ask first.  It costs nothing and we don’t  charge for our advice.

Thank you so much to our Helpers and Informers for the support you give us and to you as well Dear Reader.  We want to give you the power to avoid becoming a victim, to become fully aware, and so have the strength to help us too.  Remember the purpose is to deprive scammers of their income and give them insecurity and trouble.  Using your awareness and willingness to submit information you can help us fight fraud. 

We don’t use your personal information but hope you are part of our efforts to fight fraud and in doing, so help others.

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10 Replies to “HOME”

  1. I typed in a phone number you came up with Kevin Bergman. Yes I have been talking to him for some months. I sent him the picture of the Politician. He’s trying to tell me he has no idea what’s that is. All I know is thank God I didn’t send him any money. He keeps asking for the name of my bank so he can hook his acct. to mine. Thank you guys for your great website.

    1. We are pleased you found it. Better not to ask scammers questions or tell them anything. Now he may change his pictures to hide his crimes and so become a better scammer. We do our best to keep them ignorant and uneducated.

  2. I met this guy called himself as Kimmy in Tantan. He asked for money when we get closer yesterday, then I knew he is a scammer. I saw the same guy again in Twitter and Facebook but in different name called Kim Chan Won. I’m not he is a scammer or not, but can you check and find out? Thanks

  3. I have much information regarding fake documents, names, etc.. Is there a number I can call to speak with someone before I give my information to anyone?

  4. En mi página de poesia de Facebook-Marcia xxxx-
    con el permiso de ustedes, publiqué ahora mismo -Scam Police Group-
    He recibido muchos mensajes de todos estos estafadores tratando de enamorar y pidiendo dinero.
    JAMAS envie nada.
    Hoy he visto en su Muro de Facebook, varias fotos de ellos o mejor dicho las fotos que ellos los estafadores roban.
    Gracias a Dios, nunca caí en sus sucios manejos
    Les doy las gracias
    p.d.La mayoría de las veces, decían eran mayores, generales, etc. de los Estados Unidos.
    Ahora se que roban fotos., gracias a USTEDES !!!

    Google Translate
    On my poetry page of Facebook-Marcia xxxx-
    With your permission, I published it now -Scam Police Group-
    I have received many messages from all these scammers trying to fall in love and asking for money.
    NEVER send anything.
    Today I saw on your Facebook Wall, several photos of them or rather the photos that they scammers steal.
    Thank God, I never fell into his dirty maneuvers
    I thank you
    Most of the time, they said they were older, general, etc. from United States.
    Now I know they steal photos., Thanks to YOU ​​!

  5. We moved all comments because for mobile users it is a long scroll down. We still have them so worry not, but we remove your email address and don’t store it on site after approval.

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