Welcome to our information pages about Internet scammers and 419 scam information. We have a mission to fight fraud and give you 419 scam information. Everything you see here is about  criminals who have one purpose only….  To relieve you of your money!

This page is run by Admins and YOU.  We have helpers who operate on various Social Media sites and send us information and we have you as part of our “group”.

We don’t call you “Victims” because you are our “Informants” and  it is you who share your experiences and we hope it liberates you.  Sharing  with our viewers and providing 419 scam information is helping people avoid  getting into the usual traps set by criminals after money and you should be proud of your contributions.

Of course if you have any doubts and questions about someone or something, please ask first.  It costs nothing and we don’t  charge for our advice.

Thank you so much to our Helpers and Informers for the support you give us and to you as well Dear Reader.  We want to give you the power to avoid becoming a victim, to become fully aware, and so have the strength to help us too.  Remember the purpose is to deprive scammers of their income and give them insecurity and trouble.  Using your awareness and willingness to submit information you can help us fight fraud. 

We don’t use your personal information but hope you are part of our efforts to fight fraud and in doing, so help others.

We have two important pages to help you:

This is our immediate advice page:


We also have the most definitive scam checker there is:


Here are links to our Information Pages in Google:



Information Page on Facebook.com:


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