Welcome to Scampolice Group’s Database of Scammer email addresses

   All these email addresses are confirmed scammers we have caught  carrying out 419 Advance Fee Fraud or Romance Scams. Do not contact these people any more.  Block and delete them. They come from Africa, usually from Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal. 

   They are almost always a man pretending to be a US soldier, a handsome man, or a beautiful woman. They will steal your money.

   Never send money using Western Union or MoneyGram to someone you have not met in person. Accept no Checks (because they are forged) or parcels (they do not exist).









  1. Perez Pablo Juan tries to scam information from people via e-mail about usernames and email accounts behind paypal accounts.


  2. [email protected] advertises in free classifieds , gives a sad storey as to why he/she is getting rid of goods and askes you to pay carriage and directs you to a courier site. You are asked to pay by paysafecard – when you do, your asked to pay insurance for carriage of goods. The website has a real address they use without consent of owners. Had take down fake courier site. Free classifieds don’t really want to know, because they want to keep advertisers happy.


    1. Thanks and we will do some checking up and retain the email address for our data base.


  3. Beware of this scammer as well
    [email protected]
    Skype Name Ahmad Brown
    Facebook name Ahmad Al-waqqad
    Using photo of Stephen Murphy


  4. Please add also this email address that was given to me by a person claiming to be Army General Johnson Isaac. Here is his email address: [email protected]
    How can we trace who is the real person using this email address?
    I am a victim of scammers. In fact two of them. One claiming to be Major General Anthony Cucolo and the above mentioned name.


    1. I will add the email address to our lists . I am sorry you were conned . Of course never send money and generals are not bumming around the internet acting as free loaders, scrounging money etc. We will never see the real scammers, they are holed up in some internet cafe in Africa and head back to the sewers at night. Did you run this email address through our page for hunting It works well if there is anything around.


  5. I would like to add 2 emails to data base of a man who established contact w me through He posed as Major in USA in Kabul.
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    I would like to know how to help stop this horrible practice. I can send emails he used etc, but I don’t know where.

    Thank you,
    Nina Walker


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