Romance Scam/Phishing: Harrison Donald

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         Romance Scam 


            Harrison Donald


[email protected]



Age: 51
Location: London, United Kingdom
Looking for anything with a girl
aged 39‑79, in United Kingdom. INBOX:


Message N 1:



I love your profile,if you don’t mind can you send me your email id to know more about each other

Message N 2:


Thanks for the email, i will send you a brief note about me in your email! hope you will find the best time to keep in touch to have a good friendship with me

Message on a mailbox:

Message N 1:
From: Harrison Donald: [email protected] 
Date:XX February 2017

Greeting dear how’re you doing today? I hope you’re all are moving as expected?. Thanks for giving me your email. Am really grateful.

Meanwhile, I would like to commence by introducing myself to you. my name is Harrison Donald , from Manchester UK. A devoted Christian and I hope you don’t attach much to religion for the fact there is only one God. Am  divorce with a 14 year old daughter i was born 7th Apirl 1965 ,I am an  Engineer/Contractor working with Marathon Petroleum MP and i also handle other contracts on oil and gas sub-sea pipeline installation.. Am principled and easy going with soft spot for someone weakness.Always eager to learn new things but believe more in superior ideas.  My dad died in a car accident my wife  cheated on me with my best friend,We officially divorced on the 8th of April 2010.I live alone now and my Daughter who is 14 years old, her name is Jennifer

I prefer dropping  messages because my job schedules. I care to know more about you because am interested in getting into a strong relationship with you. Tell me about yourself, things you cherish and things you don’t like. I would equally like to know your marital status, if you have kids and when you registered on this site and your experiences so far because am just new on this site. Your kind gesture in confiding in me will be appreciated. I hope to hear from you.



Message N 2:
From: Harrison Donald: [email protected] 
Date: XX March 2017


How are you today? I hope everything is moving fine with you and that this letter finds you in good health and spirit. thank you for your words and I’m very happy that we are moving ahead to know more about ourselves, there is something that I would like to get from you, is honest and trust, and I will not be happy if you do not open your heart to me, for I have seen you as a very nice woman and I am very willing to enter into this relationship with you, tell me your type of person in a relationship, and i will freely tell you more about my kind of person in a relationship

My favorite colors are white, blue, orange and purple I like movies but not scary ones, I am honest, and not play any games, I have no time for  that … I do not like liars or cheaters. I enjoy pampering, surprising my partner and I love being fed in return. Sincerely, is important to me. I’m here looking for the real woman who can make the best of me, a woman who will shares a solid foundation of relationship with me, that is, confidence, love, relationship, partner, commitment, understanding, friendship, sincere, to have the spirit of given. A woman who knows what is in my mind, one to share my pain with me and will be there for me in terms of good and problems. I like to wake up in the morning to the beauty of the sky and see what the day has brought to the future, and when I’m sleeping all I want to do is think about my family and the woman who took my heart, I believe that faith can lead us to a very beautiful direction. That eventually we could end up with each other one day if we have our faith. i will like to see some of your pictures

Hope to hear from you.




Scammer Profiles on with the name of Harrison Donald:

  1. Harrison Donald


Photo of Armenian singer ARSEN GRIGORYAN (Aso)

Photo of Armenian singer ARSEN GRIGORYAN (Aso)


Watch ARSEN GRIGORYAN on video here:



Lives in London, United Kingdom
From Manchester, United Kingdom


NOTE: the scammer used photos of two different men *;) winking*:D big grin
  1. Harrison Donald



Marine Engineer at Marine Engineering Department
Lives in Los Angeles, California
From Los Angeles, California
  1. Harrison Donald


Lives in Manchester, United Kingdom
From Engineer Springs, California

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