Scampolice Group warns you:

If you see texts we publish on the site, or parts of them in messages, then you are dealing with a scammer, probably from West Africa or Malaysia, but may be from other countries as well. Scammers use cut and pasted text because they are usually almost illiterate, uneducated, and have little English, or because it is easier to do it when dealing with hundreds of potential victims a day. Note: scammers hardly ever address you by name and this is because it makes it unnecessary to edit messages with names in them. They will call you “Honey”, “Baby”, “my Queen”, “Angel”, etc.
Never tell a scammer how you caught him (!) Never tell him about his message text and never correct his mistakes. We like our scammers to continue to be uneducated and stupid. Remember when a message suggests you send money, you are talking to a scammer and whatever the excuse he gives you, send nothing and leave without a word.
*Even if you think you are dealing with a woman be assured it is a boy in an internet cafe.  
Be careful with the people, who suddenly contact you on SKYPE, KIK, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and other messenger apps. There are NO SOLDIERS, GENERALS, SERGEANTS or OFFICERS, DOCTORS,  SURGEONS,  using messengers who will offer you romance, especially if they claim to be in Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria,West Africa, Pakistan  etc.
The FBI, Interpol,  Banks, and United Nations do not have funds to send you, and neither are the heads of these organisations writing to tell you they  do. If you ever see countries in Africa, or Malaysia,  and Turkey mentioned, then  you need to depart rapidly
DIPLOMATS only work for Governments.  They do not act as private couriers for anyone,including YOUIf you  see Diplomats mentioned at all it is a scam. Those parcel deliveries and  flashy courier forms are  fake too.
BARRISTERS work in Courts and are never writing to you about Inheritances and all that sort of stuff , and if you see  large amounts of money mentioned at any time then be 100% sure it’s a scam. 
Here are some links to search 
Just because the name is correct don’t assume the person is real.
Take notice: 
Leave requests are fake.
ID Cards and forms  supposedly sent  by military personnel, either online or by email, are FAKE.  It is against military law for a person to make a  copy of their official identity documents.  They would be court martialed.
US military OLD email format is …..
Anything else is a scam.
Government Departments DO NOT USE WESTERN UNION/MoneyGram, or similar transfers.
A little bit more
Scammers will often use an interactive video based on webcam chats with previous victims or stolen off porn model websites etc. This video will be able to show the scammer doing obvious actions if they are asked. Most often the scammer will know the video well and so at the right moment be able to tell victim something such as “Hang on the phone rang” and he will then be seen leaving to answer the phone. Often the videos are fairly repetitive and loop back, and of course the scammer won’t be able to show himself doing things a victim might ask him to do (wave his hand, give a wink etc…) They also have another way by claiming the microphone doesn’t work which means you can only type and watch, and should they think you ask too much they will switch it off after a few seconds.
Beware of so called webcam that does not look like the person they claim to be and be aware that seeing somthing over a supposed webcam is not proof any more than stolen pictures are. 
Scammers will also find a  potential victim on a site and try to get  them isolated,  “Now I have found you please remove your profile”.   If the victim complies they are now off site security and while the scammer may claim to have removed himself too,  all they will do is block the victim, and  use a different profile to carry on scamming others or similar.
In African and some other countries you can get money transferred with having only the MTCN number. Name and address doesn’t matter, for example: if the money was sent to “Mr. Bryan Daniel” to UK, the money can be given to any person in Nigeria/Ghana/ Senegal who has the MTCN for the transfer …
Another variant: the money launderer lives in a foreign country, banks the money, extracts a percentage and sends the balance on to the scammer.
If you wish to contact Scampolice Group please use the secure contact page
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Please also bear in mind information from United Nations.

This also applies to so called  UN marriage forms and bogus lawyers supposedly using free emailers such as gmail.  The UN does not do weddings  or involve themselves in personal matters, and charge money for it.  Even such a matter being mentioned is a 100% scam, (and neither does the Military.) Also The United Nations DO NOT have a Vacation Department and charge fees for insurance and flights  etc. If you see this you can also be sure it is a scam.  Bear in mind that any email they use would be something like “[email protected]” and they DO NOT use free emailers like “@gmail” or  “”.
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For Russian visitors:

(one of the most scammed groups in the world)

 Милые ДАМЫ!
ЗАПОМНИТЕ: на социальных и сайтах знакомств НЕТ И НЕ МОЖЕТ БЫТЬ (!) генералов, полковников, сержантов … и т.д. из США, Канады, Германии и других европейских стран, ищющих контакатов с женщинами!
Если вы видите профайл военного в форме из какого-либо иностранного государства, ищущего контакта с вами – это 100% СКАММЕР (мошенник)!
В СКАЙПЕ и Yahoo и других видов мессенджеров также нет военных иностранных государств, уверяющих, что базируются в Сирии. Афганистане, Ливии etc и ищущих контактов с женщинами… Наивно думать, что офицеры имеют время и техническую возможность охотиться на женщин в Интернете, зависая в том же Скайпе целый день.
– иностранным «ИНЖЕНЕРАМ», работающим по контракту на нефтяных платформах или в странах Африки, а также в Малайзии;
– иностранным «МОРЯКАМ», находящимся на судне в море;
– иностранным «ДОКТОРАМ», работающим по контракту в Сирии, Ливии. Афганистане…
Скаммеры начинают говорит о любви к вам почти мгновенно в первом же чате. Обещают к вам приехать и жениться на вас. Просят вас удалить ваши профайлы с сайтов знакомств, поскольку якобы боятся потерять вас (“не хочу, чтобы какой-нибудь другой мужчина украл тебя у меня”). 
Схемы мошенничества используются разные, но надо запомнить:
– WESTERN UNION / MONEY GRAM / RIA банковские переводы людям из Интернета это всегда SCAM (МОШЕННИЧЕСТВО!)
Вы не заметите, как вас обманут и вы потеряете свои деньги!
НЕ ДЕЛИТЕСЬ С ЛЮДЬМИ ИЗ ИНТЕРНЕТА ЧАСТНОЙ ИНФОРМАЦИЕЙ (номер телефона, адрес, не высылайте копии ваших документов)
– НЕ открывайте свою вэбкамеру для людей, которые отказываются под каким-либо предлогом открыть для вас свою.
Имейте в виду, что скаммеры часто используют ИНТЕРАКТИВНОЕ ВИДЕО для демонстрации потенциальной жертве, с целью убедить её, что она действительно видит своего собеседника (скаммера) в видео чате. На самом деле, скаммер демонстрирует вам короткую ЗАПИСЬ с видеокамеры другого человека. Обычно это очень короткое видео (1-2 мин), с повторяющимися движениями человека на записи. Если вы его попросите, к примеру, улыбнуться или помахать рукой – он не сможет этого сделать, так как вам демонстрируется именно ЗАПИСЬ. Но обычно скаммеры заранее предупреждают перед демонстрацией такого видео, что не могут по каким-либо причинам использовать голосовой чат в данный момент. Это делается с целью предотвратить ваши просьбы помахать вам рукой, подмигнуть etc..
– НЕ поддавайтесь на попытки кого бы то ни было склонить вас к виртуальной интимной близости во время видео чата. Не высылайте свои интимные фото людям из Интернета. Вы можете попасться в сети ШАНТАЖИСТА!
– НЕ говорите скаммеру, что вы догадались, что он мошенник. Заблокируйте его  и не вступайте с ним далее в контакт.


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  1. I met one person he is a Dr Orthopedic Surgeon. He works for United Nations security council in sana”a Yemen We make love relationships for 5 months. He wants to leaving in Yemen. He wants to come my house and we can married. But He is not allowed to leave.I have to make for him apple vacation from the Untied Nations. Because his contract for 4 years, but he has 2 years less. I send email address and they want me to send money for his vacation. I already did every thing they want. I have his ticket flight on November 20 from Yemen to my house. But when he come to Germany he is text message, he stuck because he bring some machine from his work. The security ask to pay taxes> He is allow to use his money for when he get to America He say he will go to the jail. I don”t know that all true or scammer. If I get scammed How do I got all money back. I have all paper and receipt. Can you help please?

    United Nations
    405 East 42ND Street
    New York
    C/O Head Of vacation department
    United Nations Supervision Mission
    Sana”a Military Base, Yemen
    [email protected]

  2. I met somebody who claims to be leaving in Yemen as a peacekeeper and he said that he wants to come here to Canada and that he loves me and he wants to get married to me but he’s not allowed to come and I have to make for him vacation form the United nations and I send a email to that email address and they want me to send money for his vacation then I don’t know what to do is this scam should I help him or what please tell me

    First Avenue at 46th Street,
    New York , 10017.
    Phone +4843985409
    E-mail: [email protected]

    1. This is 100% a leave scam and we have the email address listed. is a free emailer and no official organisation would use them any more than they would use gmail. This instant love thing is a myth invented by a scammer to get your money. We have emailed you. You are not “helping” anyone, only sending money to a boy criminalin Nigeria or Ghana etc. Help yourself by sending it nothing.

  3. I just received a friend request on Facebook from a Gregg William. In doing a reverse image search, it appears that this same profile pic has been used in many other scams under several different names. He claims to be a Commander at US Army Central, living in Syria, Virginia and is widowed. Normally I just report these to fb as fake profiles, but I was wondering if there was something more that could be done. I’m attaching the link to his fb page.

  4. Could you please tell me what is up with every woman asking for an iTunes card or an Amazon card. I have been asked for those more times than I can count

  5. Ok so been contacted by Wilson Scott do I just get rid of can I help you with information. Also got a Wood Thomas who I blocked is he a scammer?

  6. I was contacted by someone claiming to be Lt. Gen. John William Nicholson, USA and stationed in Afghanistan as head of ground forces. He has repeatedly told me he loves me and wants a life with me. He told me he is a widower. He has asked me for several Google Play cards-each one totaling 100 US dollars. He asked for my cell number and being quite taken by his words of love and romance, I gave it to him. He recently said he must delete his Instagram acct as he is at a security risk. I am very upset and worried this man is an imposter. We have been talking for over a month and he seemed so kind. Now though,in asking for additional Google Play cards I am very suspicious. Please help me out if this mess!! I actually believed him and have fallen quite hard for him. Before this goes any further can you tell me if this is the real Lt. Gen. John William Nicholson. USA Army with NATO ground forces in Afghanistan!??? Thank you for any help you can render to me.

      1. a man called Richard Rutledge contact me. he said he is Colonel of US, now he is in Afghanistan. He fight the terrorist and got injury. he is in the hospital now. and he want to send me his medals and document to keep them for him as he will go to my country to invest after retiring. His courier send email to me to confirm my information. today, the courier send me email that the parcel was kept by the custom because it is overweight. He asked me to send money to the custom account number 3000 USD. I sent 500 USD to the account he provided. he said the custom give me more time until tomorrow to pay the rest. Now I know he is a scam when I search his photo on the internet.

      2. Yes he is a scammer and sorry you lost money Consider that he can easily pack his items into a box and send them home safely and for free courtesy of the Army. We will be in touch and do not send money.

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