April 2015

Scammer Messages Data Base-40

Please read our advice page here. http://www.scampolicegroup.com/first-for-some-advice-you-may-need/ https://www.facebook.com/steven.evans.12532 Steven Evans Sergeant at U.S. Army Studied at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Past: Millbrook High School (North Carolina) […]

For information and advice see our page here: http://www.scampolicegroup.com/first-for-some-advice-you-may-need/ Here is a list of confirmed Skype scammers: bunyod55555 (John Richard)                         FAKE SCAMMER PROFILE!                  Stolen Photo used by […]

Scammer Messages Database-Sternberg

ROMANCE and BLACKMAIL SCAM Adam K. Sternberg  Lagos, Nigeria ADMIN:  Running  a site like this gives us a responsibility to our clients.  We have a Duty of Care  towards you.  […]

Scammer Messages Database-Sansbury

DAVID MICHAEL SANSBURY, DAVID MICHEAL SANSBURY, MICHEAL SANSBURY, DAVID SANSBURY NIGERIA IP Number. IP Block (Frequent Scammer) Country Lagos, Nigeria Comments VGC Communications Ltd(Net Range: – […]

Scammer Messages Database 36

Martin Dempsey  (Nigeria) [email protected] IP Addresses used: IP: IP: IP: ISP:     Airtel Networks Limited Services:         Recently reported forum spam source. (2) Type:   Wireless Broadband Assignment:    Static IP […]