1. I need urgently help to stop Scammer who is blackmailing me.He want 200$.



    1. How can I stop a Scammer who is blackmailing me. Please is somebody here, who can helping me. It’s very urgent.
      I have a lot pictures of him and his Son…but this pictures belong to somebody from Germany, that
      I know for 100%. I found his Picture also here on this site just using another Name . Please help me to stop this dangerous scammer


      1. We have contacted you. Do not under any circumstances send money. We know it sounds hard but sending anything at all will not solve the problem and he will continue to threaten you. Do not respond back to the scammer or tell him anything


  2. I need some one to contact me.
    I think I am being Scammed.


  3. I have pictures of scammers – I was scammed by 3 individuals have the proof


  4. how and where can I upload the pics of a scamming group?


  5. Saludos vivo en Francia, quisiera saber si publicar fotos de “supuestos” estafadores, en realidad son fotos utizadas de otras personas como mi caso de militares, podrian traerme problemas judiciales en éste site? ?


    1. I had to use translator and make sense of your message so apologies if it is wrong.

      Greetings. I live in France. I wonder if posted photos of “assumed” scammers are actually pictures used by other people like my case of military. I could get legal problems in bringing them to this site?

      We are aware that the stolen photos are owned by someone. We can’t undo the theft. We consider that the photo owners are just as much a victim in these matters, and should owners wish us to remove them we would and they only have to ask. So far nobody has. We do need a high degree of proof in all posts. We take responsibility for the publication and we conceal the identity of informants to protect them. Confidentiality is a high priority and we are grateful to you all for allowing us to continue with this work, and we value your trust and faith in us very much. We couldn’t do it without you.
      We have 7.5 million viewers who find our texts and pictures and we can only assume that warns them and stops a scam before money is lost. If this makes a scammer find that his photos are useless he will stop using them and this protects the owner. We would love our work becoming redundant and being able to remove all of it but that ain’t going to happen in the forseeable future. We can only say to those victims who have their identity stolen “We fully support you.”


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  7. I am being blackmailed by a skype user. She tricked me into having video sex with her, recorded me masturbating and is threatening to send the video to all of my face book contacts if I don’t send her $500 via western union.

    What can I do to prevent her from destroying my life?



    1. Don’t pay. It will be fine I assure you You can give us the details of this one.


  8. Hi , I know I’m being scammed by a fake military man. He recently admitted his name was different and since people are contacting me warning me of him. His name us daniel louis , daniel mark louis or mark louis. He claims to be a general in the airforce. Refuses to provide military email , says only officer to officer can. I’m not allowed the email, bull shit. Asked me to pay for his leave , says it’s 2457 us for him to fly here. Asks I deposit western union and money gram . Threatens to kill himself if I say no.
    He claims to be military but his picture doesn’t match his name , he calls himself dan louis but the uniform says roberts as the last name.
    I need help getting this person away from me.
    He has friends , Mike Pedersen, sam willie , Rene louis to help him.
    This is the second scammer I met on facebook, the other is a Nigerian man named Larry osso from Accra. He uses the name Morrison Bennett on facebook to scam.
    Both men are on facebook .
    Beware who you friend ,
    I’m playing with the 2nd scammer lol might as well get as much info for his next victim.


    1. He is telling you rubbish of course. See our information pages about military. Email address is for all soldiers for private use, and they never pay for flights or leave or anything. We like to have the details and you can post here if you wish. Tell him to hurry up with killing himself as we look forward to it.


  9. Please help I already gave my full details to this guy Eric more. I just found it right now that his a scammer. I saw him from here. What should I do now? I got really scared coz he knows everything bout my details. His asking $50 dollars to send to the other name, for the payment of the documents his bout to send it to me.I refused not to send that amount. Still he never stop sending a msg with me


  10. Account number:93936724 IBAN :TR820020500009393672400101 Owner name:Collin Wilson. Bank address :148-EMINONU branch swift code:KTEFTRISxxx Dollar account Bank name:kuveyt turk katilim bankasi

    Please kindly check for this account is scammer’s owner or not?


    1. Turkish scammer hub and possible terrorist raising DAESH funds If we have details we can get this bank account closed but we need a bit more off you . Sorry for delays in replying to messages. We took a month out. Hardly surprising for us, since we work 365 days a year and families do need to come first sometimes


  11. The scammers stole my $20k and I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2011. I’m widow for 7 years, Married for 28 years. My late husband died of pneumonia in the hospital on September 25, 2009. Hit me very hard. Then the scammers empty my life insurance savings from my husband. Right now I’m suffering the severe depression. Me and my cat are very close bond. I will never want to marry or date any men anymore. I’m not lesbian but wanted to be independent and happy life. But it’s very difficult. Driving my minivan for 24 years, still driving the same van.

    I have several names that scammed me. Then my phone went crashed and lost everything like conversation by AIM and emails. It sucks but I still remember the names…… John England Jr. He’s a soldier in Iraq, begged me to let him live with him when the war is over, wanted me to take care of his 2 chest boxes worth millions and need me to pay for the freight fees and need some money for himself. I told him why not you take the money out of the chest. He got so angry and pressed me. BIG CRYBABY. I had been avoiding him and never heard from him. Got me feel better. But still…..

    Then the guy named Stine Jasper. He’s a soldier in Afghanistan and need me to help him pay for the freight fees for 2 chests then when he gets home, He wanted to live with him. I refused to answer and he got so mad, sending me threat emails several times, I still won’t answer his emails, too bad………

    Again the worst scammer in USA, she scammed me $20k. She said that Michelle Obama group wanted to help the deaf people in need for foods, bills, etc. (How did she know I’m deaf?) She told me to pay for the freight fees in an airport in Louisville, KY. I live in Indy, IN. I told her that I can go south and meet her for the info, she said the guard won’t allow her get out of the airport and meet her. She said I must pay $2,000 for the release of the certificate so I did. Then she said the Fed Ex will be at my home around 24 hours, then I waited and waited impatiently. Then I sent her the IM and told me that the driver who deliver the letter to me, got killed from an accident, which is bull. Then she took the letter with her, cleaning up the blood, cleaned the money up, too. Then she wanted $2,000 again for the expedition delivery that takes 4 hours, then I waited and waited. Got me fumed mad. IMed her and she asked me \where are you???????????????\ I told her I’m at home. She said that the deliver man was here and the lady came out and signed, took the letter. I told her \WTF\ and I asked her did she show her driver license for ID check, she said yes. WTF again, then she called the police to arrest her because of fake ID, then going to jail in Alabama. She said the judge ordered me to come down and show the proof of the real ID. She said I have to pay $5,000 for the flight from IND to Birmingham, AL. Then going to the court and face the lady who stole my ID. That’s bull. I never give my important ID’s to others. She said I must go to airport 2 hours and wait for the plane arrived with that damn scammer lady. I did went to an airport and waited for 5 hours. The parking lot blew my money up, then I IMed her, WTF again, failed?? She told me that she did stopped and waited for me. I said HUH, asked her what flight number and airline. She never gave me any info. I feel like to strangle her. She keep bugged me until my savings were gone $20k. Her name is MelvinBCCC. Her email address was MelvinBCCC@AOL.com. Then I never speak with her and I quit my old email address. But she STILL follow me thru FACEBOOK. I keep reporting on her for few weeks then FB kicked her out.

    I have more names, will post in here soon. The 3 names above were the worst people I ever chatted.

    I’m glad I’m here and off my chest. Hope you can find the scammers.

    Kelly Jo


  12. I chat with a American military claiming hes a captain in Afghanistan. His email is tannerjeff17@gmail.com. says his name is Captain John Tanner deployed Afghanistan. He asking me for $250us towards his airflight to meet me here in Australia. I have pic of him if you need it..


  13. Hello Dear,
    How are you doing today , I trust all is well with you over there.
    I hope this message finds you in the best of health as it is with me. Thank you for the wonderful message – which really prove to me how serious you are as far as this communication is concern. I really appreciate all your effort you are putting into this communication and I love everything you have already shared with me about yourself. I can feel your sense of humor in everything you shared with me about yourself and I know we have a lot in common.

    I want us to know more about each other because it always fills my heart with joy each time that I have the opportunity to stay in touch with you. I firmly believe in giving time and a natural course to a person. When you admire someone and you do not want to hurt that person, then you need to ensure that there is understanding between the two of you all the time… and always happiness with these, I think you can get very far. You don’t need to be judgmental or cruel, and most important in a relationship; there must be trust and loyalty within the two people involved.
    Now let me share with you some of my likes and dislikes, and what I look at my partner.

    My likes:
    I like affection (giving and receiving).
    I like good communication.
    I like to eat popcorn and curl up with a good movie.
    I always want to put a smile on my companion’s face and make sure she is always happy.
    I like intimate conversations.
    I like music and nature. I love singing, even when I’m in the office.
    I like theatrical play.
    I like comedy club.
    I like long walks.
    I like shopping with my partner.
    I like taking slow country drives.
    I like cooking with my partner.
    I like the simplicity in life, like watching the movie, a candle-light dinner together, adventure, romance, traveling, camping, visiting the beach, sitting by the fire and watching the sunset. I like playing video game with my son when I’m less busy during my off days. I love to laugh a lot even when am in a sad mood, but I get serious when necessary.

    My dislikes:
    I don’t like being treated like I am not the body when in public with my partner.
    I like people who are unreliable and very lazy.
    I don’t like people who do not believe in themselves.
    I don’t like people with infantile form and take it serious as jokes.
    I don’t like negativity.
    I don’t like disrespectful people.
    I don’t like people who cheat or lies.

    To live a life is not easy. There are obstacles along the way and those obstacles are either within our own lives or the external forces in our own lives or the environment so to speak. We will be strong and determined in our goals to achieve our dreams.
    I know there’s a big difference between love and like, because we are starting this wonderful relationship as friends, but that’s not how it will end because the feeling that am having for you is getting very strong, so I’d like us to give this relationship a chance to develop into something wonderful.

    I will end my message here for just now, but I’ll be waiting patiently to hear from you soon. I wish you a wonderful Morning and I send you many hugs and kisses from me to you. I will be going to a general meeting in the next camp, so I will not be able to come online on time today. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Yours affectionately,
    Gen. Perkiss.

    As aboved is the sample of the email that would like to share out…. the picture he put on is from the google picture as General Daniel B. Allyn. Who serve the US army. Mention to me that his wife is die by heart attact & got a son with him only child & staying at Ghana. I feel like is a scammer. The phone no they given to me is +233238120387 to called to his son name by jeffery. See you can track this guy. We have been chat for few letter’s in email they using this email address that i have been bloked them, claims to be his father gen.allynperkiss@yahoo.com & his son email highprivateboardingschool@gmail.com there always have be a guy beside him when i called up to jeffery & those email is been written claims himself is a school teacher in Ghana name Mr Shedrach Abuza.


  14. There is a women that ask everyone money! Pretend that she gave work for world health organisation! Her name is Jack GUILLIA! Has been a model to…….?? She gave another id to Smith Michelle tell that she is us sergeant in Nigeria!! On mission ….?? Are the us army deployment in Nigeria? She try do seduce men and women! She is very rude and Some people have send money ! She works togheter with a agent that go Get the money for her OKUNOLA ABIODUN live in ibadan Nigeria! He is on Facebook i have a email.adress and a phone number ..can i send her on? I want that this stop insults dead warn that she gona shoot if she not get the money! I hope u can help me thanks …


    1. Please post the details here openly. This is a threats scam and you can not be harmed. I can assure you. you are safe


  15. Hi good day,,,,
    I want to know about this person david young because one person chating with and he ask money from m till now hes still chating with me but he use the name of general james a. winnefeld jr.but he use the profile picture of the man wearing the eye glasses that they called david young,,,


    1. He is a scammer. Don’t send money or accept anything. Please read our advice page.


  16. This person is talking till today with me with the names Hillary Williams Smith. Try to scam me for a few days now for 750euros


    1. Well we’ll find out more if we can.It’s a scam we are sure but no worries we will be back


  17. I think i might be getting scammed.
    Ive been chatting to a guy claiming to be an American in the US Military Captain Jeff Conboy in Afghanistan. His email jeff.conboy57@gmail.com.
    Hes been asking for money for food and flight to meet me in Australia. I believe that he could be scammer but unsure.


  18. Как дела Мое Дорогое,
    Как дела я надеюсь, что это письмо найдет Вас на хорошем здоровье? Я – генерал-майор. Лорд Леннон..

    нахожусь на военной службе здесь в Афганистане, я хочу серьезные отношения, которые приведут к браку с Вами, чтобы любить, лояльность, уважение и понимание.
    И мне понравится знать Вас, better.my дом находится в Нью-Йорке в Америке, и я родился и поднял в Нью-Йорке 20-го июня 1957.i, единственный ребенок моего родителя, они были государственным служащим, прежде чем они оба умерли в 2004 и 2006 в возрасте 78 и 87 лет, прежде чем они died.is, моя детская мечта, чтобы присоединиться к американской армии и я буду любить свой job.now в моем, любит,
    Я романтичен, забавен и забавен быть с. Я люблю,
    заботясь с большим количеством страсти, я Артистичен, я играю на гитаре и Фортепьяно, мне
    любите Музыку особенно Популярность, Душа, Софт-рок, Живая Музыка и Караоке, я
    как Спортивные состязания, {Гольф, Футбол, Длинная Вонь Тенниса и Звона} мне нравятся Фильмы
    {Комедия и хороший Триллер}.i говорят на английском русском и немецком языке, жизнь не легка для меня, так как я потерял свою жену и своего единственного ребенка, так как 2008.you знают то, что может принести одиночество, именно поэтому мне были нужны Вы моей стороной теперь, когда собираюсь удалиться с действительной военной службы в следующем месяце.
    мне понравится знать больше о Вас, что Вы делаете теперь для жизни, Вы все еще живете с человеком, у Вас есть свой собственный дом? у Вас есть дети, они живут с Вами? действительно любить иметь больше детей со мной?.

    И какая страна – Вы живущий прямо сейчас.

    Приложения – мои картины.
    Спасибо и Да благословит вас Господь, желая Вам всего самого лучшего.
    Генерал-майор. Лорд Леннон.

    Добрый вечер моя дорогая XXXXXXX (Name edited out by Admin). Я надеюсь, что у Вас была приятная ночь? У меня была хорошая ночь. Я для своей неспособности написать Вам теперь, извините, я был на патруле с моими войсками в южной части Афганистана, и мы возвратились этой ночью. Спасибо за хорошую и красивую электронную почту Вы послали меня. Я должен признать, что Вы действительно – очень красивая и очаровательная женщина. Так как я встретил Вас, моя жизнь начинает так отличаться, даже если мои дни кажутся тем же самым. И я должен признаться, что, моя Перспектива изменилась. Вы открыли мои глаза для некоторых удивительных новых возможностей. Я буду удовлетворен навсегда с новым смыслом удивления и радости, потому что я Восхищаюсь Вами, Вы разделили со мной.
    Я должен признаться, что чувствую себя несоответствующим в некотором отношении. Мой ум рассматриваем, может быть Ваша привязанность? Я могу дать Вам чувство как теплое и обеспечить как те, Вы дали мне? Вы решили показать мне, как сильный страсть, объединенная с безопасной сладкой любовью, я могу только надеяться, что вовремя Вы чувствуете немного понимания тех же самых эмоций от меня.

    “Никакой английский словарь не был в состоянии соответственно объяснить различие между этими двумя ПОЛНЫМИ словами и ЗАКОНЧИЛСЯ в пути, который легко понять.
    Некоторые люди говорят, что нет никакого различия между ПОЛНЫМ и ЗАКОНЧЕННЫМ.
    Однако есть различие. Когда Вы женитесь на правильной женщине, Вы ПОЛНЫ.
    И когда Вы женитесь на неправильной женщине, Вы ЗАКОНЧЕНЫ.
    И когда правильный ловит Вас с неправильным, Вы—, ПОЛНОСТЬЮ ЗАКОНЧЕННЫЙ!”

    Мое дорогое мне действительно нужны Вы в моем life.and, я хочу, чтобы Вы знали, что Вы – все, которое я имею теперь в моей целой жизни, никаких сестрах, никаких братьях и никаких племянниках.

    ПОЧЕМУ я выбираю женщин из Вашей страны, потому что они не предсказуемы, такой…
    Хотя женщины из Вашей страны добры, нежны, нежны и заботливы… и некоторые другие приоритеты…
    Я 6.7 футов высотой, Со светлым цветом лица, мой вес составляет 98 кг.
    Наши дни так трудны, которые делают мы не чувствуем себя подобно одному другу., независимо от того что Вы делаете, и я никогда не мог заставлять достаточно его лелеять Вас. Я надеюсь праздновать ярко-розовое лето с Вами.

    я работаю здесь в Кабуле Афганистан и сожалею о задержке, что написал Вам теперь Вам природу моей работы, пожалуйста, возьмите меня, как я.
    Имейте хороший сон моя любовь и надейтесь получить известие от Вас как можно скорее.
    Поцелуи и объятие.
    Лорд Леннон.


    1. Thank you. The scammer has used translator of course and into terrible Russian, and when we use it back the English comes back to being good. Thanks for the information. He most certainly does not speak Russian as he claims. We speak Russian and English. Don’t believe this scammer and we know he is from Nigeria because he chooses to use some Nigerian methods in writing.
      Lord Lennon.
      How are you my dear,
      How are you, I hope this letter finds you in good health? I – Major General. Lord Lennon ..

      am in the military service here in Afghanistan, I want a serious relationship that will lead to marriage with you, to love, loyalty, respect and understanding.
      And I know you like it, better.my house is located in New York, in America, and I was born and raised in New York City on June 20 1957.i, the only child of my parents, they were civil servants before they both died In 2004 and 2006, at the age of 78 and 87 years before they died.is, my childhood dream to join the US Army, and I will love your job.now my loves,
      I am romantic, funny and fun to be with. I like,
      caring with lots of passion, I am artistic, I play the guitar and piano, I
      love music especially popular, Soul, Soft Rock, Live Music, Karaoke, I
      like sports, {Golf, Football, Tennis and Long Ping Pong} I love Movies
      {Comedy and a good thriller} .i speak English and German, Russian, life is not easy for me, since I lost my wife and their only child, since 2008.you know what can bring loneliness, which is why I have been I need you by my side now, when going to retire from active service next month.
      I would have liked to know more about you, what do you do now for a living, you are still living with the person, you have your own home? you have children, they live with you? really love to have more children with me ?.

      And what country – you are living right now.

      Applications – my paintings.
      Thank you and God bless you, wishing you all the best.
      Maj. Lord Lennon.

      Good evening my dear xxx(Removed name by Admin) . I hope you had a nice night? I had a good night. I for his inability to write to you now, I’m sorry, I was on patrol with my troops in southern Afghanistan, and we got back that night. Thank you for the good and the beautiful e-mail you sent me. I have to admit that you really – really pretty and charming woman. Since I met you, my life is starting to be so different, even if my days seem the same. And I must admit that my perspective changed. You have opened my eyes to some amazing new features. I’ll be forever satisfied with a new sense of wonder and joy, because I admire you, you shared with me.
      I must confess that I feel inadequate in some respects. My mind consider can be your affection? I can give you a feeling like a warm and secure as the ones you gave me? You have chosen to show me how a strong passion, combined with safe sweet love, I can only hope that in time you feel a little understanding of the same emotion from me.

      “No English Dictionary has not been able to adequately explain the difference between these two complete words and ended in a way that is easy to understand.
      Some people say that there is no difference between the full and complete.
      However, there is a difference. When you marry the right woman, you are full.
      And when you marry the wrong woman, you’re done.
      And when you catch the right with wrong, You are a completely finished! ”

      My dear I really need you in my life.and, I want you to know that you – all that I have now in my lifetime, no sisters, no brothers and no nephews.

      Why do I choose women from your country, because they are not predictable, so …
      While women from your country are kind, gentle, gentle and caring … and some other priorities …
      I am 6.7 feet tall, with light complexion, my weight is 98 kg.
      Our days are so difficult that we do not feel like one another., No matter what you do, and I could never get enough of him to cherish you. I hope to celebrate a bright pink summer with you.

      I work here in Kabul, Afghanistan, and sorry about the delay, I wrote to you now to you the nature of my work, please, take me as I am.
      Have a good sleep, my love and hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
      Kisses and hugs.
      Lord Lennon.


  19. Estou em contato com uma dessas pessoas. Acabei de ver sua foto na lista do scampolice. Sou brasileira e conversamos há quase um mês. Seu perfil do Facebook é WILSON BEN. Sempre desconfiei de coisas dessa natureza, mas resolvi deixar que ele se manifestasse. Ele nunca me pediu dinheiro, pois sempre deixei claro que não tinha. Ele prosseguiu. Todos os dias me manda uma foto dele mesmo, em situações diferentes. Ele se diz Diretor de operações do transatlântico Queen Elizabeth. Nos comunicamos por email também. Ele se diz viúvo, com duas filhas casadas e tem 55 anos. Ontem disse que está enviando muitos presentes para mim, de Dubai, onde diz estar (tenho fotos) por uma empresa de segurança diplomática. Por tolice, acabei mandando um endereço aqui do Brasil, para a remessa. Mas não é o meu endereço real.
    O nome completo que ele diz ser o dele é BENJAMIN WILSON PAUL EDWORD.


    1. Yes he is a scammer. They also invent the most stupid names.His email address would be a great help tp warn others.
      TRANSLATOR– I am in contact with one of them. I just saw your picture on scampolice list. I am Brazilian and talked for almost a month. Your Facebook profile is BEN WILSON. Always suspicious of things of that nature, but I decided to let it manifest. He never asked me for money, as always made it clear that he had not. He continued. Every day sends me a photo of himself in different situations. He says Director of the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth operations. We communicate through e-mail. He says widower with two daughters married and is 55 years old. Yesterday said it is sending many gifts to me, to Dubai, where said to be (I have pictures) by a diplomatic security company. Foolishly, I ended up sending an address here in Brazil, for the shipment. But it’s not my real address.
      The full name of what he says is his is BENJAMIN WILSON PAUL EDWORD.


  20. Od 4 miesięcy romansuje ze mną oszust podający się za żołnierza amerykańskiego w Syrii. Zaczepił mnie na skype, jego nick to louis.miller999. Podaje się za wdowca i 12 letnim synem. Straciłam przez niego pieniądze, prosił żeby wysłać na leczenie jego syna Jeffa. Teraz chciałabym aby jego działalność została ukrucona. Posiadam skan jego legitymacji wojskowej i paszportu, ale nie wiem czy są prawdziwe. Nie wiem jak mam dalej postępować, poradźce coś.


    1. He is a scammer. Military families are well cared for and treatment is free. You can give us messages and email addresses. Dump him and tell him nothing.
      “4 months romancing with me impostor claiming to be an American soldier in Syria. Accosted me on skype, his nickname is louis.miller999. Given a widower and 12 year old son. Lost his money, he asked to send to the treatment of his son Jeff. Now I would like to make its operations were ukrucona. I have scanned his military ID card and passport, but do not know if they are true. I do not know how I proceed, poradźce something.”


  21. Please check this person Mikel Charles. When we met on line i thought he is a good man, loving and caring but i got curious so i googled his photo and I found out that he is using a photo from one of the award winning journalist. But its too late i was scamed by him.


  22. I am having problems accessing your sute


  23. THANKYOU for your hard work


  24. I’ve has quite a few scammers in the past and would really like to help other people out by showing them proof of how cruel these scammers are.


    1. Good! Me too! The more anti-scammers, the better!


  25. Please keep me posted
    Am from south Africa and all our ladies been scammed al the time


    1. We know, and even their own people, families, and children from West Africa. They are terrorists and criminals and we need to answer back to it and make a difference.


  26. Hi! I haven’t been in direct contact with any of these scammers, simply because I’m happily married and do not have profiles on any dating sites. But, the reason I felt the need to comment, is to let you know (I’m sure you might already be aware) that these dirtbags have obviously \discovered\ and are using Google+ to find new marks. They are \circling\ every female they can find, paying no attention whatsoever to the woman’s marital status and they are doing it in seemingly massive numbers, daily.

    I receive several notifications a day that I’ve been circled by these crooks. I’d say that I get at least 15 and anywhere up to 35 of them a week! I block and report them to Google, but I’m really not sure what (if anything) they’re doing about it. I am very much aware that this is a serious issue and that many unsuspecting and vulnerable women have been hurt deeply, both emotionally and financially by these crooks, but I sometimes can’t help but find it laughable that some days, I’ll get the SAME stolen picture, used with TWO or THREE different names and profiles/accounts, all in the same notification! It’s a wonder that these fools can even follow their own trail, while trying to keep all of their faked photos matched up with their fake names and profiles that they’re puting out there!

    I’ve reached the point where I can spot one of them immediately because of the strange names they come up with and the very poor grammar and spelling in their profiles… not to mention the badly photoshopped pictures that they’ve stolen from innocent men (and women). What angers me even more, is when they steal and use photos of young children.

    I usually download and keep the profile photos with the fake name attached to each one when I get them, in case Google should ever ask me for them. I suppose I should probably keep their profile URLs as well, but to be completely honest, I don’t always have the time or the storage space to spare on my computer. I’ve seen your G+ page, so I know you have many of them, but I’d be happy to send you any of the stolen photos with fake names that I have, if you feel it would help.

    I am using an email address that doesn’t identify my true name to leave this comment, only because I have a large online business presence that I would not want to be compromised, if any of the scammers should happen to see this. But if you leave a reply to this comment, stating that you’d like the photos and names, I’d be happy to send them to you privately.

    And in case you’re wondering why it is that I care at all about this issue, I can only answer that by saying that if my small amount of information can help keep even one unsuspecting soul from being scammed in any way, that’s just one more thing that helps me sleep better at night.

    I’m fine because I’m on to these jerks and I’m very happily married, but I have friends and family members who could easily fall prey to these scams and if that ever happened and I could have helped and didn’t, I’d be devastated. Whether my information can help or not, I do wish you the best of luck with this site and with your mission to help stop these animals from doing more harm than they already have.

    Take care, Missy


    1. You are entirely right. Please folks regard this as a warning and take note. We appreciate it when our helpers contribute. We can’t thank you enough. It is the saved victims who should do really, but SPG are not ever fishing for compliments, and the thanks we get are always valued highly and sufficient to keep us going.


  27. I have scam information for you/

    Ramirez Rossi
    honey are you there ?
    i’m sorry i could not write you since morning
    i’m sick honey ,that’s why i did come online on time
    where are you now honey ? To be continued/


    1. oh what a poor soul! LOL!!!!!


  28. I have been contacted by Andrew vanmeter twice for money. Once for$700 and for $500. He claimed to
    be from LA widowed with a daughter
    named Kate. Said he took a job in Cambodia.


    1. That means he is a scammer. Africans are always male and “widowed”. Any information is welcome via the contact form.


  29. 3/6
    name hidden 06-2015 2000 € back fbi
    Williams Bruce 06-2015 okay sure
    name hidden 06-2015 And south africa police
    Williams Bruce 06-2015 what do you mean by that ?
    name hidden 06-2015 My love for you was bought i felt deceived and paid your travel but you tricked me you wanted my money Thats all
    Williams Bruce 2015 thanks , bye
    name hidden 06-2015 Bye thief I ll make you give me my money back, i have all money gram transactions
    Williams Bruce 06-2015 i dont know what you are talking about what has come over you
    name hidden 06-2015 Im not xxx im XXXX i want the money of my car back, my mother doesnt know anything and is used to talk with you
    My mother is sleeping and doesnt know that im talking to you
    Williams Bruce 06-2015 fine i dont know you go and do what ever you like
    i will have to delete you know , because i am tired of all this insuit
    name hidden 06-2015 I want my cars money back, i saw it today with other person
    I even cried
    Williams Bruce 06-2015 why are you tell me all this
    go and ask your mom
    please you are disturbing me
    name hidden 06-2015 Youre going to delete me but i hope you suffer consequences for stealing my money
    Williams Bruce 06-2015 i will delete you now , when i get the money i will send it to you okay
    i regret knowing your mom
    name hidden 06-2015 Im ashamed that my mother was talking to false people like you, and on top all that you made many promises and even called me “your son” but in the end was for money
    Williams Bruce 06-2015 i never meant to be end up like this , but you keep swearing at me so please just give me time okay when i get the money i will send it back to you and i will fly down there so your mom will see me inperson
    for now you dont have anything to do with her again , because she gave you the phone to say shit to me
    thanks very much


    1. Thank you for the information here for anyone to see. I hope you are alright now. Don’t worry these maggots are limited in what they can do . Take care and try to heed our advice. You are welcome to ask questions if you need to, using our contact form.


  30. I had been the victim of a fake profile Williams Bruce on Facebook. I was lost a lot of money whit him.
    Let me tell you likes and dislikes, i know you are waiting to hear it lol, I spend most of my free times walking in the wood with my partner and going shopping with my son and my partner, My favorite colors are white, red and black, i hope you like them too, My favorite meal is Italian/veggies, am a good cook because i have been in and out of bachelorhood lol, so i can say its a hubby, My best character is philanthropist and worst is procrastination, Am sad when taken for granted or misunderstood for a fool and i laugh when am appreciated, I like to be cuddled so much, it makes me feel loved and wanted.
    he is in site: http://www.yourittoday.com/scammer_profile_data/profile_data61/596832.html
    and I would like to thank you for all your help tracking information about this dirty West African criminal


  31. Hola. Soy española y he aceptado a un individuo en face que usa la imagen de un militar americano pero con diferentes nombres en distintos perfiles. Tengo su dirección de correo electrónico y un número de teléfono de Ghana desde donde me telefonean y me escriben mensajes de texto, haciéndose pasar por el hijo del supuesto militar


    1. Hello. I am Spanish and I have accepted an individual face using the image of an American military but under different names in different profiles. I have your e-mail address and a phone number where I telefonean Ghana and write me text messages posing as the son of the military course.

      I will email you Nely.


  32. I have this scammer on my contacts . Just now he is online. His Skype name is syo121212. His slogan as follows below:
    i am honest and god fearing man i am looking for a good and honest woman to spend the rest of my life with as a happy family


  33. Daniel Allyn: Hello dear,how are you and your family doing?I am really sorry for going offline but is was network problem.My son can get the money through western union money transfer or Money gram.All you need to do is to go to where you can find Western Union money transfer or Money Gram and send it to him.
    Daniel Allyn: About the amount you will send to him,please just send him any amount that he can use for one week till i get out of here and sort things out.
    Daniel Allyn: Remember i will pay you back when i come there so no need to worry about it okay.
    Daniel Allyn: Send it through this name and address
    Daniel Allyn: NAME:Jo Ann McDaniel
    Daniel Allyn: COUNTRY:USA
    Daniel Allyn: ADDRESS: 2054 Anoka Street
    Flint, Michigan 48532


  34. usarmydaniel


    Mai 7

    Hello my dear,I am really happy when i saw your reply to my mail.Thank you for your concern.

    Dear,all i have to tell you now is,for the award money to be send to you,

    First you must write to the Barrister or the UN Diplomat in charge of the money.

    They will then give you details on how and what are involve before you can receive the award money which will be invested in your Country.

    Write to the Barrister on this mail(barristerfrankwkkbeecham@gmail.com).

    Tell him you are the true Beneficiary of the award money that belongs to General Daniel Allyn your husband to be and you are willing and ready to receive the money on my behalf as my Beneficiary.Therefore they should give you details on how and what you will do before receiving the award money.

    Note:the money will be send to you by the diplomat directly at your door step and i will fly within 48 hours with my private jet to meet you there.

    Remember 10% of the 12 million US dollars will be given to you in addition with what ever you will spend on this transaction.

    Since you know i am busy with my duty,i will like you to handle this on my behalf because i trust you a lot.The money must be transfer to you before the 15th of May. So i will advice you to try hard and receive the money before that day.Please write to the diplomat now because time is not by our side.

    I will like you to come to yahoo tonight for us to talk about it well.

    Hope to hear from you soon,thank you once again.GOD BLESS YOU.



    1. I whom I thank.


  35. Eu havia sido vítima de um falso perfil do general Daniel Allyn em um site de relacionamentos Amoory.com Desconfiei que não se tratava da mesma pessoa. Então, pesquisando na internet, pensei ter encontrado o email do verdadeiro general: usarmydaniel@gmail.com Fiz contato para denunciar o perfil falso. Começamos a nos comunicar.Moro no Brasil, e ele disse que queria fazer investimentos no meu país, com o dinheiro que ele havia ganhado como prêmio. Mas eu teria que intermediar o negócio com o barrister, teria que pagar as despesas com as transações financeiras e ganharia 10 por cento do valor. Eu não tinha interesse no dinheiro dele e comecei, novamente a desconfiar, ele me ofereceu casamento e fez várias promessas muito parecidas com as que encontrei neste blog. Não ´caí no golpe porque tive a chance de ver que ele estava entre os scamers denunciados aqui. O endereço do email e Skype eram os mesmos que aparecem aqui.Tenho cópias de alguns e-mails e, se for do interesse da polícia, posso encaminha-los.Parece que se trata da mesma pessoa porque tem o mesmo estilo na escrita , fala as mesmas coisas, da mesma maneira. Agradeço por este blog ter me ajudado a ver que se tratava de um perfil falso. É um serviço de alta qualidade e de importância pública. Se quiserem podem divulgar meu depoimento e espero que tenham sucesso em suas investigações.
    Marília Henrique Soares


    1. I had been the victim of a fake profile of General Daniel Allyn on a website Amoory.com relationships suspected that it was the same person. Then, searching the internet, I thought I found the email true general: usarmydaniel@gmail.com I reached out to denounce the fake profile. We started comunicar.Moro in Brazil, and he said he wanted to invest in my country, with the money he had won as a prize. But I would have to broker the deal with the barrister, would have to pay the costs of financial transactions and gain 10 percent of the value. I had no interest in his money and started again suspicious, he offered marriage and made several promises very similar to those found in this blog. I did not fall for the scam because I had the chance to see that he was among the scamers reported here. The address email and Skype were the same that appear here. I have copies of some e-mails and, if the interess
      and the police, I can forward them. It seems that it is the same person because he has the same style in writing, speaking the same things the same way. Thank you for this blog have helped me to see that it was a fake profile. It is a high quality service and public importance. If you want you can share my testimony and I hope to succeed in their investigations.
      Marilia Henrique Soares

      Im um muito feliz que o ajudaram .


    2. Boa noite, espero encontra-los bem.
      Gostaria que mantivessem o meu anonimato, por favor.Rastreei pelo skyper, o endereço do falso General Daniel Allyns. Ele falava do seguinte endereço:13-15 Wilson St , Berwich, Maine, USA e me dizia pelo yahoo Messenger que estava em missão de paz no Afeganistão. Espero que a justiça preveleça e acabe definitivamente com os scamers.
      Espero ter contribuído.Atenciosamente Marília


  36. Scammer; Using name Coeman Lee Flores

    Coeman Flores is on Vet Friends

    This person alleges he is Coeman Flores. Here are his details. What alerted me 2 him is the asking of money for R&R Leave and stating he has to pay money before he can go on leave. Date of birth 20 May 1965 pft! This person has lots of pics!
    He says he is from Garland, Texas and is in the Military/army. Originally from Alexander Heights, Perth, Western Australia.

    Here’s some links for you to check out……

    Mingle: Coemenlee124

    yahoo account:

    gmail account:

    1 email and pics (I have more pics!)
    —-Forwarded message—-
    From: coemanlee124@yahoo.com
    Sent: Sun, Mar 29, 2015 2:57 PM PDT
    Subject: hey check out

    Plz keep safe ok….xxxx
    3 Attachments

    Flores….my tatts chest tat(3)

    In Uni

    In Pakistan

    Scammers Facebook Page: info passed 2 me from another person he was trying to scam for money search
    Lee Coe Flo
    (I have blocked this person! So am unable 2 give u a direct link)

    • Found maybe the real Flores https://www.facebook.com/FrankieFlores84/about?section=overview

    Frankie Lee Flores
    Engagement Operations Sergeant at United States ArmyLives in Lawton, OklahomaFrom Frisco, Texas

    There is also a Coeman Flores on Vet Friends.

    Pics will not attach!

    I would like to be kept posted as to the outcome. If u would like the pics, please email me, I’m sure they will be of help 🙂

    Regards Shareese


    1. Thank you Shareese. I reply via SAS on Facebook. The info you put here still gets to Google searches so its fine. Of course paying for leave is a common scam and nobody can ask -only the soldier himself- it is free and depends on what duty the soldier is on and his entitlement. They can’t leave a battlefield duty to go on a holiday


  37. Great site, keep up with the good work.
    Best of luck to you.


  38. How can I add scammers to the database, I have two proven names?


  39. Hello I’m Eva Cassina and write from Lugano Switzerland, I would like to send some pictures of a man who says he is a US army general says his name is Michael Johnson and living in Colorado in Commercy City. because in the month of October 2014 I was conditioned to invest 60,000 Euros for a box containing his family heritage in Bremen Germany at a company named Global Security run by a German citizen Roland Herbert Willy Shoenefeld and together with a woman named Antje Annelore Brunner. I’m sure I was the victim of a scam because I found in your site some fake profiles with the name Ryan Robbson, Ben Rawhings, John Taylor, the photos are the same as that he sent to me, more sent me several times and dress in different ways and at different times of the day, even in pajamas, via webcam, actually I read that it is a German musician named Uwe Hubertus. I’m still in touch with him via yahoo messenger and would like to know if there is the possibility of your help to frame him. I await your prompt and welcome response. Thank You
    Best regard
    Eva Cassina


    1. We don’t recommend baiting scammers when they have your personal information but please send us what you have. We need mail addresses, photos sent, pics of fake documents, links used, email message texts and so on. We like to keep people safe here. Baiting needs a bit of personal security in place because scammers can be nasty and we don’t want them contacting your workplace, making up fake stories about you, and so on as a retaliation. We work in strict confidence and post it all out here after stripping off anything we see that relates back to individuals, so worry not. Scammers detest being exposed and it can make their schemes fail but we love doing it
      If you have links to websites and bank accounts where money was sent we can take action and get them shut down. You will get a confirmation message from our gmail box and we are admin@scampolicegroup.com. I am pleased you found our very new website useful and made good use of it.


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